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The creation of your website is an important step that must be done carefully, following a careful design. Having helped several companies with the website design and creation, followed by optimization, you are in good hands. 

A quality website has many advantages for developing your business or professional activity. This article explores the most important aspects to consider in establishing an online presence that has impact.

Before embarking on the creation or redesign of your website, it is important to evaluate the commercial objectives of the site, in terms building a brand online and customer acquisition.

This article is based on my decade long professional experience as an online marketing specialist working with startups and I worked on the creative side of marketing and branding, before immersing myself in internet technologies and websites.

Nuclay, a full- fledged website development company in Delhi was set up in 2010. It offers website designing, marketing, software development and mobile apps to support an online website. Here we have many experiences with clients for whom we created websites and helped to develop their online visibility. I worked with small organizations, medium -sized SMEs , independents, associations, globally.

These experiences have been very diverse. However,there are a number of constants that emerge . A series of advantages. A list of focal points that crystallize the added value of a website for a business or any type of entity that seeks to make an impact online.

Here are the 7 main benefits of a quality website:

A better, professional image

To arouse interest

From anonymous visitors to potential customers – the concept of conversion

The visibility

Develop your audience

The benefits of a website rich in information

Time saving

A better professional image : The first benefit of a quality website design and function, is the ‘professional image’ of your business. When someone hears about a company, he will take a look at the website to confirm or deny what he has heard. It’s a reflex really! For my part, if I have a conversation with someone who talks to me about his business, I’ll take a look at his website to see what he’s up to.

Being an online marketer, my job involves being in touch with trends and I go through a lot of websites and social media campaigns. In 20 or 30 seconds, I can get an idea of when the website was created based on its visual aspect, I see how it fits the mobile screen formats and I can report if the texts are well written, if the concept of the business has a particular angle that differentiates it.

After 30 seconds, I decide to extend my exploration of the website in question – or rather to leave it forever to do the digital duties that fall to me. This credit of 30 seconds of attention, is when I have met or had a conversation with someone who told me about their website or business with enthusiasm. If I got there by a click from Google, the time before a first decision (stay or leave) will probably be less than 10 seconds.

Appearance plays a role. The first impression plays an important role, especially in the context of a few seconds your site has to convince a digital passer by to stop longer and decide to start exploring your pages.

If you want to redesign your website or create your first corporate website, it makes sense to invest in the work of a professional graphic designer who knows the standards of the web in 2019. A web designer will be able to adapt (or create from scratch) your visual identity to the versatile context of the web, so that your website is harmoniously available on different media or devices (large screens, tablets, mobiles) that will be used by your visitors. This is known as responsive design and in the online world of 2019, it is more of a necessity than a choice. 

2. Generate interest: More decisive than the graphic appearance of your website (and its potential wow effect ) is the degree of correlation perceived by your visitors between, on the one hand, what they are looking for and, on the other hand what your website has to offer. If the visitor arrived from Google, it is most likely to do a search with a concrete intention. In 80% of cases, he is looking for information. He has a question or a problem to solve. When it lands on your site, it will evaluate in a few seconds if the content of your website matches or responds to what it seeks . If he decides that yes, he will stay and start a more thorough visit. If he decides that he does not, he returns to Google to follow other links to other possibilities.
A good website is a website that knows how to keep the visitor. This is what is called (in the language of marketing webinoise) a retention rate , which is the opposite of the bounce rate.

3. From anonymous visitors to potential customers – the concept of conversion : There are all kinds of websites that fulfill all kinds of functions and correspond to all kinds of objectives. There is room for (almost) everything on the web, from the top-of-the-line graphics site inspired by a supra-trendy design to the showcase site consisting of a single page containing a schedule and an address contact for a website development company in Delhi.
Yet, in most of the scenarios we have been dealing with, one of the purposes of the website is to turn (if you will) some visitors into potential customers ready to use your services. This raw traffic passing (the number of visitors to the site, eg monthly) to a smaller number of potential customers who contact is called (in webinois) a conversion . Each contact from your site is a conversion: a visitor has become a potential customer.

4. Website Visibility – Benefits Website Quality In our experience, companies that invest resources in redesigning, optimizing or developing the design and content of their website do so primarily to increase the visibility of their company. At first, we must be concerned about the retention rate and conversion of visitors, otherwise it is futile to work to increase the website traffic. What is the point of sending traffic to a website whose offer does not interest anyone?
On the other hand, once the commercial part of the website is firmly established, with a good conversion rate, it is time to work on the acquisition of traffic. A well referenced site on Google is an extraordinary way to continuously generate sales (if you have an online store) or leads interested in your service offer. This is the fourth advantage of a quality website, which we will explore in this section. 
The concept of growth visibility of your website is important. A website without traffic, with few visitors, whatever the quality of its design, the intelligence of its ergonomics and the depth of its purpose, will have no impact. Your website must be able to hold the attention of your visitors and turn them into people interested in your products or services. Yet, in itself, this ability is useless if no one finds your website.

5. Develop your audience: Gross visibility is not the most decisive thing. If you sell golf clubs, you have every interest in developing a website that attracts golf players. Your conversion rate will be much better than if you attract a majority of anglers (although some probably do golf too). Very high visibility to the wrong audience will not bring you an interesting return on investment.
That’s why your visibility effort should be tailored to your target audience . This is what we call an audience. The ideal audience for your business has its own specificities. She has her own tastes and preferences. The contents of your website, its graphic codes, its ergonomics must be thought out according to your target audience , which is the people or companies that make up your potential market.

6. The benefits of a website rich in information: A website with many pages with abundant content has a lot of advantages. This is the best way to develop a website with a high conversion rate and attracts significant traffic.
The fundamental strategy for developing your traffic and your audience is to build a website with many interesting pages filled with information in a simple and accessible language. In short, and contrary to what may suggest the (probably temporary) fashion of the one-pager design , the more pages your pages contain and the more pages are rich (which means long) , the more you’ll get to attract traffic. If your website is a clean skeleton with 3-4 words here and there, without really useful information for your audience, you may be able to cause the wow effect, but you will certainly not double your sales or become the reference of your market.

7. Saving time: There is one last benefit of a quality, informative website I would like to discuss before concluding this article. If your customers (active or potential) easily find the information they need, you can reduce your effort and investment in working time to answer recurring questions about your products and offers.
How much does this option cost? What is the delivery delay? What is the margin of error in your quotes? When can you finish the work? Plus a multitude of other specific questions related to the specificities of your products or the services you offer.


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