Top 10 Benefits of Integrating Lambda in Your Business


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If you’re looking to run analytics for your website, or even just for a photo-sharing application, Lambda is the compute platform for you. It brings all the glory of serverless computing to your fingertips (or mouse clicks!). This way you can focus on developing extra features in your business application that brings value to your customers.

Lambda is an excellent solution for almost anything. This blog takes an in-depth look at how you can implement AWS Lambda in your industry. It will let you in on the buzz on Lambda and how it can help your organization. Let this blog guide you on how to save some time and money by implementing Lambda in your business. 

Let us begin by understanding what AWS Lambda is and how it works.

What is Lambda in AWS?

It is a serverless architecture that is also called Function-As-A-Service (FAAS). According to this platform, enterprises can run, test, and deploy software and services with no need for virtual or in-house physical servers. 

It has many benefits in modern-day application development. We have also mentioned some advantages and disadvantages in our article: (1) Pros and Cons of AWS Lambda | LinkedIn. You can read it for more information.

How Does AWS Lambda Work?

Amazon Web Services provide access to the operating system, foundation services, and infrastructure. You just need to put the code in Lambda and it will run. You need not worry about AWS resources to launch, or how to manage them.

Lambda runs your code on a massive scale in the cloud, letting you create and run applications and websites with not much more than a single line of code. Lambda functions are much easier to scale than virtual machines or containers. Besides, you spend less money on cloud infrastructure overall, becoming more profitable with reduced costs.

Now that you have a better insight into the technology, let us look into some areas where Lambda can be useful for an enterprise.

Here are the top ten ways Amazon Web Services Lambda can help businesses:

Improve Communication System

AWS Lambda allows you to concentrate on building your business rather than maintaining your email infrastructure. You can store the entire contents of your email database in the cloud and access them from anywhere. You don’t have to worry about hiring someone or updating patches.

Image Source: Pexels

Create Amazing Websites

Lambda is the future of infrastructure for web applications. You can create websites, applications, and backends with no server provisioning, no downtime, and no configuration required. As a developer, you get the tools to build your ideas quickly without having to worry about hosting or deployment. You can deploy every change with a click of the mouse to all your users. 

Source: FreePik

Train Computer Vision Models

Build sophisticated computer vision applications using the cloud, no machine learning expertise required. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform lets you detect objects like faces and pedestrians in images and video every time they appear, run image recognition on uploaded photos, or perform speech recognition across the globe.

Connect Web API with MongoDB

Have a business that relies on data? Don’t let your web server go down just because someone changes a number in the database. AWS Lambda will host your code, run it automatically and scale it to meet demand. You can create web APIs and easily connect them with existing data repositories for the creation of web services.

Efficient Batch Processing

How fast can you handle massive amounts of data without breaking a sweat? With AWS Lambda, you process billions of records per day and take just minutes to set up. You can run multiple lambdas in parallel for more concurrency with no worries about running out of capacity.

Implementing Loyalty Schemes

Lambda helps you run your points of sale and loyalty schemes for retailers. It records the data for each customer transaction, tracks stock levels, and applies discounts to customers automatically. This keeps your customers happy and builds trust in your brand.

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Writing Log Files Automatically

Aggregating log data now becomes a simple task for this valuable information, freeing you from hours of time and hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent writing your storage and scripting infrastructure, or bringing on a new IT professional to do it. Lambda will take care of these tasks for you automatically, resulting in peace of mind that your data is safe and is easily retrievable.

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Renew Fast Moving Inventory

AWS Lambda is an Amazon service that allows you to quickly and easily refresh your product availability and pricing. It helps you to stay current with the ever-changing retail landscape, and focus on selling more, instead of managing inventory.

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User-driven List Processing

Lambda makes it easy to build real-time subscribable lists with minimal setup. It automatically keeps your list up-to-date so that you’re always targeting the right customers. It is especially useful if you have sudden spikes in traffic and need to process millions of records per second.

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Build Pyramids of Automation

AWS Lambda offers a unique way for you to create events and trigger actions without having to build an entire backend application. It offers tremendous opportunities to build innovative applications that would help you grow faster and more scalable than you can with the infrastructure you have right now.


This should give you an idea of how crucial AWS Lambda can be for your organization. There are a lot more advantages to implementing Lambda into your business environment. 

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