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Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness
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Ways to Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

“Brand” is a term that is very commonly used by business owners and professionals. It is a word that has a big and important standing in the world of business and dealings. The nature of the business can be anything from soda manufacturing to professional services like digital marketing, the brand implies to the first thought that comes to one’s mind when a name is mentioned. The imagery, emotions and perception that a person connects a business to, is all planned. For example, KFC has its tagline as ”It’s finger lickin’ good”. This did not come up randomly, it has been thought out, planned, reviewed and finalized. This tagline was intentionally chosen to focus on the taste and how it is just one of the best. Logo colours too, among many other factors, contribute to building a brand. Any business would want to portray their brand as approachable and trustworthy, that is why brand visibility and building requires experts and strategies. Nuclay brings you those strategies in this article, read on to learn more. Social media is important Your business should have a social media handle from which you can share content; this can be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can even join common interest groups on these platforms, start a conversation and engage people. You can even find potential clients and pursue an opportunity. Using relevant hashtags and sharing meaningful content will help you establish yourself as a thought leader. Maintaining a blog When you create a blog post, the article has to be keyword optimized. This will help in showcasing your blog in the search results. You can keep reinforcing yourself by raising and discussing issues that your clients may face and offer solutions to the same. Guest blogging is another great method to earn brand visibility, write about the topics that you have expertise in and let more people know of your brand. Linking these articles back to your website is also a healthy practise. Optimization of website It isn’t enough to optimize your blog alone. Optimizing your website for keywords will help in bringing your business and target clients together. Identify the types of terms that your audience is likely to use, use those keywords within the headers and copy of your web pages to bring in more visitors. Be quick and diligent with your follow up process. Reputation management Your goal is to make people become aware of your brand, but it is only worth it if the brand in focus is one with a good reputation. Putting yourself accessible to everyone online has many perks and benefits, but it also has its own risks. So it is advisable to have a reputation management plan in terms of CSR campaigns, conferences, etc. Also, it is never a bad idea to have a crisis management plan in place. Partnerships We discussed the importance of being active on social media earlier, the same platform can help you find other businesses to collaborate with. For example, if your business is about selling plants, seeds and saplings, you can organize a giveaway or a contest in partnership with a brand that deals in living and decor. This way, there is a two way promotion that is beneficial to both parties. Modern network and technology has made the world a smaller place, try to get the most from it. Paid ads Tools like Google ads come into the picture when we talk about paid advertisement. When somebody enters a search pertaining to your service or product, it is your brand that should popped up at the top most results. This activity is best for a short term campaign, especially for new or rebranded businesses. You can keep a check on your budget by carefully selecting your ad copies. Through it all, the best way to up your brand visibility is to stay relevant, do your research and be aware of the industry you’re in. In case you need assistance with your business, allow us to help you by reaching out to us here. 

tips to create best marketing strategy
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6 powerful tips to create the best marketing strategies for growth

The development of a successful marketing strategy is first and foremost the full understanding of all issues. The art of marketing is the convergence of all tools and operations to a single point, that of the axis of communication of your business! Here are 6 truths about what is involved in developing the best marketing strategies to conquer your market. 1. Branding, branding, branding! Branding is the first investment a new business should make to conquer the market. A professional and well-established brand image for your company or product and already 50% of the marketing work is done. Branding is, on the one hand, often confused with expensive ads and hiring a brand ambassador on one end or just slapping a logo on the website on the other.  Successful marketers understand that branding is who you are as a company, your mission and values. Best marketing strategies work because there is no disconnect between what the brand preaches to be and what the actual experience is for a user who interacts with the brand.  When we talk about your brand, we designate an environment that transcends words by its power. This power will be felt through your logo, your colors, your slogan, your interior decor and any other element of communication.  2. Opt for an organized marketing department At first glance, the marketing direction is simple: we are at point A and we must go to point B. Now, how do you go about it? This is where we enter the territory of the marketing expert. For us, it’s as basic as planning your route on a trip with the costs, the hotels, the unexpected. An axis of communication is not only having a website and placing advertising. We are talking about the positioning of your business in the market that will lead to increased business performance through an organized marketing strategy. Strategic development recommends three basic segments: a defined identity, a specific line of communication, and a well-planned and well-managed marketing strategy. 3. Technologies, yes but … The technological world is constantly evolving. I would not recommend that your try and keep up with the every cutting edge technology or trend because, although perhaps conceivable, it does not guarantee the success of your campaign and it could become expensive given the speed of its evolution. However, I recommend that you have an eye open for new technologies that appear on the market regularly over the course of a year. See what works best with your plan.  4. Think “MOBILE” Even the best marketing strategies are not complete without mobile. You are from the generation of laptops, a 10-year-old is from the generation of handheld computers. Since 2008, the entry of smartphones on the market has given a whole new direction to the future and forced companies to completely revise the concept of internet broadcasting. The optimized display of your site on tablet and mobile versions is now a must! Consumers use their mobile devices to research and will often end up shopping online on their computers. Thus, brands must provide more comprehensive, more relevant, better targeted information to encourage consumers to buy directly on smartphones or tablets.   5. Think “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” Today, the customer experience is more than just a customer service concept; it is the overarching goal toward which all elements of a marketing strategy converge. The trendy company is now focused on transforming the buying process into a fun and enjoyable experience. With more and more consumers demanding consistent experiences across all channels and devices, it’s critical to understand the buying journey to optimize the end-to-end customer experience. 6. Target your audience Today, marketing is mainly done on the Web. Having developed a well-adapted brand beforehand, the broadcast (or advertising) will take various forms including through a campaign of keywords (like with Google Ads), retargeting by graphic banners, sending newsletters, development of community on social media, social media campaigns and others. This will be complemented by radio / TV campaigns and advertising in different print editions, all perfectly orchestrated in time and the media. The important thing is to coordinate a targeted and orderly marketing, which requires professional and experienced expertise. Do you know the actual performance of your site currently?

website branding

The importance of Website Branding

Being worried around plummeting stocks or lack of conversion is not a new thing when it comes to marketing. It’s just a matter of time till you realize that in terms of spreading the word for your business, content is the king. As long as you produce great engaging content there’s nothing that could be detrimental to the traffic on your website. But how do we act then when the content is right and the marketing is executed perfectly? Well, if you are being bewildered by the same question, could we entertain you with “Website Branding”? Let’s have a look. Why Website Branding? It is simplifying your business in a manner that is easy to remember and easily connectable. It is a concept that unifies both marketing and content creation. Branding is a tool that makes people think about your company or organisation when they hear about a product. Thus the answer to the former confusion lies here, within this often set aside and misrepresented, business element.  We know understanding the clear importance of this is peculiarly important for you, so here we have dissected a few effects branding could have on your website. #1 Recognition – The Mind Effect “Never forget who your are, the world will not!” Changing the look and feel of your website by plastering your logo all over your network domain would certainly capture the minds of your customers. Yet, it’s not just about that but also adding value to your organisation. Everytime someone sees the logo, they must think of your company. Everytime they hear the name of the company, they must immediately think of the logo.  For example, when people hear the name of Nuclay Solutions, they immediately recall an IT solutions company in Gurgaon. Gradually, with your growing business, this transcends to a phase where people start associating with your products. Hence, marketing becomes easier and this distinct image will be more than enough to rule your digital marketing solutions. #2 Credibility – The Trust Effect Fortunately or unfortunately, people judge your business upon the look of it rather than the wit and strength you have put to built it. Same is the case with your website. According to a survey, it takes just 50 milliseconds for a person to decide whether they want to stay on your website or not. It is natural that people put trust in what looks professional and well-built rather than something that looks informal. Same is the case with websites. Having consistent branding a professional look will increase your website’s credibility, thus increasing the traffic. Therefore, branding makes it look legitimate and authentic, helping you grow your business. #3 Bridging – The New and The Old Take the ICC logo for an example. It’s simple, subtle and self explanatory. Anyone who looks at the logo and understand what it stands for. Therefore, it is able to convey to the cricket fans of their existence while at the same time shows the general idea behind the brand to the people who are unfamiliar with cricket. That is how branding should be done. In a way, branding should create a bridge that is for both, the old bonds and the new ones. A good branding campaign doesn’t just help create your name but also helps you create better content, by giving it a space that it can dwell in for a long time. It doesn’t matter how great your business it, if it doesn’t have an enchanting voice, it’s not good. #4 Perspective – The longing Human Beings are social creatures with their minds building notions and opinions all around the day. With social media as the biggest new-age tool in their hands to suffice this daily propensities, consumers are sharing with others their feelings and thoughts about a company. Going beyond the website and leveraging social media depends on a cohesive message that can be shared outside social spheres the company has no control over. A good social impression would last for a long time. A consistent positive relationship with customers will build a consistent brand that builds trust over the long haul while recognising the immediacy of social media. So, branding seems like a good solution to most of your business problems, doesn’t it! Still confused in the if’s and but’s? Nuclay Solutions is an IT solutions company in Delhi NCR. Check us out for all your digital solutions. The look of your website can tell if a person increases your bounce rates or becomes a lead. Is website branding so important? Let us have a look!


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