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Getting certified - Salesforce Administrator Certification

Getting certified – Salesforce Administrator Certification

If you think all you need is a computer and an internet connection to bag the Salesforce Administrator certificate, one of the most coveted certificates offered by Salesforce, then you are probably wrong. You require much more. And when we say much more, we mean that you need to really divulge into the grassroots of Salesforce concepts and may even require a full-fledged training. This is true for any Salesforce certification, may it be Administrator certification or Salesforce Platform Developer I certification. If you are willing to earn the certificate then you must possess the knowledge of customizing Salesforce, regularly configuring the platform, managing the users, and even have a knack to look for ways to get more out of the existing features and capabilities. Let’s look at the job responsibilities of the administrator and whether you should go for an Administrator Certification. Here is what you have to do all day! So what are the responsibilities of Salesforce administrators? Here we have listed it down for you. Unlocking accounts, resetting passwords and deactivating user accounts whenever necessary Dealing with SSO, two-factor authentication, and certificate problems. Adding new white-listed IP addresses Troubleshoot email campaigns, approval cycles, workflows, or auto-responders that results in excessive bounced mails. Run data deduplication tools, adoption dashboards, data-quality dashboards To make sure there are no unexpected entries by examining time-based workflow and scheduled APEX queues Examine SFDC error and debug logs To spot user lockouts, excessive login errors by examining the login history table Import leads and contacts. Quickly updating price lists of products, particularly necessary if a company does a lot of promotions and limited-time offers. Run Eclipse and Visual Studio to take a full system snapshot of your production system metadata. Now if that is what your interest lies in, try answering the following 3 questions to help you decide if you are ready to take up the Salesforce certification exam. Are you dedicated enough to put in the hard work? The certifications are definitely not a cakewalk. But these are definitely achievable for someone who is willing to put in the level of dedication and hard work needed. You are surely not short of resources. There are countless resources out there, both free and paid, all to help you to take you to the next level. In addition to these resources, there are in-house learning platforms of Salesforce in the form of a community where Salesforce members and users are ready to help you at the drop of a hat.  Are you willing to invest in your time and money? Today, in the IT industry, no other career is so promising as Salesforce. Ask any Salesforce professional about the career prospects and you are definitely going to get an overwhelmingly positive response. But to get far in this career you will have to invest a great deal of both time and money. The time and money you have invest depend upon the certification. The training may incur a fee. Not just the training but the Salesforce exam will cost you another $200, on average. The money you will be investing in is worth each penny. The real question is are you willing to invest in it or not? You just not have to gain knowledge but also maintain it. Are you prepared for it? Clearing the entry-level exam is not the only hurdle. There are many more to come. The Salesforce platform is ever-changing. With its Spring, Summer, Winter releases, Salesforce brings in product updations and retirements. To keep with the changes, you constantly need to keep yourself updated. Salesforce tests your knowledge for the changes and upcoming features by conducting Maintenance Exams. These exams happen 3 times a year along with each of the releases. Looking for a Salesforce certification training course? You have reached the bottom of the article. Well, it should be that you are interested in Salesforce! And if you are looking for Salesforce Administrator and PDI certification training sections, you have landed at the right place. Our course curriculum not only discuses the concepts but provides live training sessions so that you put your knowledge into action.

website branding

The importance of Website Branding

Being worried around plummeting stocks or lack of conversion is not a new thing when it comes to marketing. It’s just a matter of time till you realize that in terms of spreading the word for your business, content is the king. As long as you produce great engaging content there’s nothing that could be detrimental to the traffic on your website. But how do we act then when the content is right and the marketing is executed perfectly? Well, if you are being bewildered by the same question, could we entertain you with “Website Branding”? Let’s have a look. Why Website Branding? It is simplifying your business in a manner that is easy to remember and easily connectable. It is a concept that unifies both marketing and content creation. Branding is a tool that makes people think about your company or organisation when they hear about a product. Thus the answer to the former confusion lies here, within this often set aside and misrepresented, business element.  We know understanding the clear importance of this is peculiarly important for you, so here we have dissected a few effects branding could have on your website. #1 Recognition – The Mind Effect “Never forget who your are, the world will not!” Changing the look and feel of your website by plastering your logo all over your network domain would certainly capture the minds of your customers. Yet, it’s not just about that but also adding value to your organisation. Everytime someone sees the logo, they must think of your company. Everytime they hear the name of the company, they must immediately think of the logo.  For example, when people hear the name of Nuclay Solutions, they immediately recall an IT solutions company in Gurgaon. Gradually, with your growing business, this transcends to a phase where people start associating with your products. Hence, marketing becomes easier and this distinct image will be more than enough to rule your digital marketing solutions. #2 Credibility – The Trust Effect Fortunately or unfortunately, people judge your business upon the look of it rather than the wit and strength you have put to built it. Same is the case with your website. According to a survey, it takes just 50 milliseconds for a person to decide whether they want to stay on your website or not. It is natural that people put trust in what looks professional and well-built rather than something that looks informal. Same is the case with websites. Having consistent branding a professional look will increase your website’s credibility, thus increasing the traffic. Therefore, branding makes it look legitimate and authentic, helping you grow your business. #3 Bridging – The New and The Old Take the ICC logo for an example. It’s simple, subtle and self explanatory. Anyone who looks at the logo and understand what it stands for. Therefore, it is able to convey to the cricket fans of their existence while at the same time shows the general idea behind the brand to the people who are unfamiliar with cricket. That is how branding should be done. In a way, branding should create a bridge that is for both, the old bonds and the new ones. A good branding campaign doesn’t just help create your name but also helps you create better content, by giving it a space that it can dwell in for a long time. It doesn’t matter how great your business it, if it doesn’t have an enchanting voice, it’s not good. #4 Perspective – The longing Human Beings are social creatures with their minds building notions and opinions all around the day. With social media as the biggest new-age tool in their hands to suffice this daily propensities, consumers are sharing with others their feelings and thoughts about a company. Going beyond the website and leveraging social media depends on a cohesive message that can be shared outside social spheres the company has no control over. A good social impression would last for a long time. A consistent positive relationship with customers will build a consistent brand that builds trust over the long haul while recognising the immediacy of social media. So, branding seems like a good solution to most of your business problems, doesn’t it! Still confused in the if’s and but’s? Nuclay Solutions is an IT solutions company in Delhi NCR. Check us out for all your digital solutions. The look of your website can tell if a person increases your bounce rates or becomes a lead. Is website branding so important? Let us have a look!


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