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5 proven ways to get more clients for your Web Design Company

The total number of internet users crossed 3.50 billion in 2018, this has also increased the potential of an online business that is looking to expand and flourish. Even for businesses that haven’t been able to come up with their own website, most of them will find more deals once they come online. In order to set up a website, a lot of brands need a web design company and undoubtedly, there is high competition among different companies to get more clients on board. As a business owner, getting more projects to work on is a big necessity for the smooth functioning of the company. With this article, we would like to introduce 5 simple ways in which you can get more attention and of course, clients.  Curate meaningful content  Content is king in the digital front of advertising. Be unique in your approach to representation; attractive, insightful and engaging are the words you will have to remember. A well written article or piece will help you bring about a positive image for your brand. At the same time, your content doesn’t necessarily have to be textual, you can create infographic, videos, newsletters and sample templates around the positioning of your brand.  SEO and Adwords are important Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you get to the coveted first page ranking on Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). Nobody has the patience and time to go beyond the first page of the search results, therefore a second page ranking may not get you much of what you want and need. Having an in-house SEO Analyst is a good idea if you do have the budget to hire an SEO Agency. In this way, you can also present yourself as a web design company that can also offer SEO services.  AdWords are also an option if you do not have time to invest on SEO. There are leading search engines like Google and Bing that offer this service. It works by allowing your ads to feature prominently on top of the search results, all you have to do is pay for a click on the link.  Get listed in the web solutions catalogue In order to bring about more business growth,  your brand needs to be more visible and your services will have to be showcased on a more engaging platform. There are platforms like Template Monster where you can be easily present. Your company’s presence on the web studio catalogue will enable you to show your skills that are waiting to find the kind of service and tools that you offer. This is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity to improve your base with relevant and quality clients. All you have to do is pass a small test before you actually get listed and also provide a few basic information.  Social media is key It’s not just models that get scouted through social media, your company can too. There are networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram that have a big network of people that interact on the interest topics that are common to them; they are groups and pages you can join and start your networking. Not just that, these sites also have options to run ads as a business with specific targeting of audience. You can also look for profiles of big potential clients and approach them by interacting with them directly. Your website represents your brand If you are offering to create and maintain a website for a company, it is your website that is going to give the first impression. Be careful about the fonts and colours that you use, be precise with your presentation and be creative with the graphics that you showcase on your website. Make sure that you optimize your site so that it shows up on the SERPs and contribute to other websites so that people know that you are good at what you do, focus on earning their trust first. These are the few ways that, if executed sincerely, will help you get more clients for your company. Some techniques will help you instantly while a few will take some time to show results. Trying several of them together will up your chances of getting the break your deserve. For the best website design company in Delhi NCR, please feel free to reach out to us. Keep up with trends and keep working at it. 


Basics of Online Business Consulting Services

We are a society driven by technological innovation. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses work on success frameworks that revolve around sustainable competitive advantage. The marketplace is so connected that the management of businesses on their own has become a hefty task. In this environment, businesses need to pave a suitable path that decreases their complexity and increases operational efficiency. Yet, the internet has made it much easier for everyone to find solutions to their problem. In the case of businesses as well, online business consulting services are capable to lead clients through to success with strategies, experiences and growth management. You just need to jot down your goals and there is an agency out there that can help you create a map to achieve them. But how do you know what suits you? How do you choose the best online business consultant for your venture? Is there a way you could better your online business plan? Here is a guide for you. What does a business consultant do? An online business consultant provides management and performance recommendations to the client company. These organizations/individuals analyze business and provide solutions so that companies can achieve their goals. Businesses must hire consultancies in case they need help finding their way around their business plans. There are mainly two phases in the work of a business consultant – discovery and evaluation. During the discovery phase, a good business consultant would take time to understand the business– from the owner to the employees, from finances to expenses, as well as all the reading material about the company. This will help the business consultant assess the mission and motivation of the company.  During the evaluation phase, the business consultant would analyze the expertise of the client in the specific market. It will identify the areas that might be a problem, such as cost cutting, supplementing the staff, etc. Basically,  it will identify where the change is needed. This includes identifying the strengths and weaknesses, management problems, and problems related to the business’ vision. This is what helps them come up with an online business plan for a client seeking online business consulting services.  How to find the right online business consultant? Ultimately, this is the most difficult question for the owner or the management of the company. The right consultant would have a passion for their work, a desire to succeed and an eye for excellence. When hiring a consultant make sure they produce solid references and skills of their expertise. It is true that anyone may call themselves a consultant, but it takes a combination of many skills to make for a good business consultant. It is important to make sure that your online business consultant has necessary certification, depending on your industry. You should check their website – look for professional images and well-documented information about their services. It is advisable to request examples of past successes and to speak to those businesses. Hiring a business consultant is not necessarily cheap. Yet their feedback and planning can help increase business and boost profits in the long run. It will also help you in ensuring future success by eliminating problems and identifying opportunities. How should you deal with a consultant? It is important for you to take the agency’s advice as constructive criticism, and not as a remark on the efficiency of existing teams.  The online business consultant provides objectivity and a new viewpoint. On the other hand, you as an owner  would be familiar with the nuances of the business and the consultant should take your reflections and revise plans as necessary. Once you and the consultant agree on a plan, the consultant enters the third phase of consulting, the restructuring phase. Now, the consultant builds on assets and eliminates liabilities. It is a process that addresses a company’s unsatisfactory status quo in the constantly evolving market. It is based on proper strategic planning, fuelled by innovation, or it can be a tactical reaction to unexpected situations.  Nuclay expertises in online business consulting with our in-depth analysis of business structures. Our experts have worked with businesses belonging to philanthropy,  entertainment and food industries. Contact us here to schedule a free consultation call to talk about your goals. 

Amazon's Prime Day Key takeaways

Amazon’s Prime Day : Key takeaways for marketers

Could it be the biggest day for online business? It is certainly set to be. Amazon’s Prime Day is bigger than ever, as this time it is going to be live for a whole 48 hours. The Amazon Prime customers are set for a treat as the e-commerce giant brings its Prime Day sale this weekend. The deals cover enormous discounts on selected products as well as over 1000 new products are set to be launched on the website.  The date of the sale has been announced as 15-16 July. Interestingly, it is not the date that is exciting the customers but the duration of the sale which is going to be the longest ever. Last year this sale was on for 36 hours, starting on 16th July. However, this year Amazon planned to give their customers of joy of 12 more hours, making the sale a full 2 day event. Moreover, last year’s sale witnessed over a 100 million shipments by over 89 million visitors. Therefore, it is fairly natural for the company to go all in and make it bigger than ever this time. The Prime day events give a lot to learn lessons to marketers to become more competitive. Let us look at some of the key strategies takeaways for marketers associated with different brands. Prime Day Key Takeaways Amazon’s Prime Day will certainly continue to be “the shopping period” for Amazon customers. However, this wouldn’t just be an opportunity for brands to earn customers but also a day for marketers to learn from. There could be various strategies that marketers could implement and adopt before running their next campaign. Let’s have a look at some. Check the market. It won’t be worth it selling a shoe to someone who is looking for a t-shirt. Hence, understanding your customers’ needs or what they want is very necessary before running a campaign. Scan your data, build inferences and then proceed with the marketing. Amazon does this with the implementation of various technical concepts such as data mining. But this could be done without advanced tools as well. Keeping a track of your customer is not that difficult. Regular forms or surveys can be created that could on the one hand be engaging for the customer and on the other, informative for the organisation. Prime Day thus offers brilliant deals to their customers depending on their needs. It thus embeds the idea of buying a product that they need at a very discounted rate. Eventually most of these customers end up buying these products, as displayed by Amazon’s conversion rates. It is hence, the end result of good marketing. Check the competitors. Learning is a process that never stops. Why not learn from sources that are better at it! There’s a reason why someone is at the top. Find out why.It isn’t just about fortune or resources that someone leads the market in terms of selling their products or services. It could also be about how they present their products. Analyse your competitors and what techniques they are implementing to conduct good business. Outline your differences, their qualities, their website, their presentation, etc. basically anything that could be a reason for them standing out the rest. Hence, work on the conclusions with your organisation. Learning is a process that never stops. Why not learn from sources that are better at it! Check the attention. It is great for an organisation’s business if someone influential could endorse them. Amazon hires great influencers to advertise for them. However, this cannot be affordable for everyone or every company. Nonetheless, in today’s digital world, an advertisement is not always necessary. There are various ways to get in touch with an influencer and make them talk about your product. They could write a blog, post pictures, share a video or even share any of your social media pages, which could be both affordable and eventually beneficial for the business of your company. Moreover, for this to be successful, make sure you create great content for the landing pages and website. At Nuclay, we help companies with digital marketing services, business consulting services and digital solutions for everything that you need to grow your business. Check the email. From every update to every follow-up, email is still the one solution for you to converse directly with your customer. Emails let your customers know that you care. It could be very difficult for Amazon to contact each customer, especially when they are using FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) products. Fortunately, there are solutions for such scenarios. Companies use automated responses to update their customers and migrate any issue in any case. Therefore, marketers must make sure to engage with an email service that helps them automate their mails, set up a thorough sequence and determine what mail to send to them at what stage of their customer cycle and ensure quick reply to queries. Apparently, there are so many things that a marketer can learn from Amazon’s Prime Day.  Test out the marketing strategies that interest you; double down on what works and cut what doesn’t.

website branding

The importance of Website Branding

Being worried around plummeting stocks or lack of conversion is not a new thing when it comes to marketing. It’s just a matter of time till you realize that in terms of spreading the word for your business, content is the king. As long as you produce great engaging content there’s nothing that could be detrimental to the traffic on your website. But how do we act then when the content is right and the marketing is executed perfectly? Well, if you are being bewildered by the same question, could we entertain you with “Website Branding”? Let’s have a look. Why Website Branding? It is simplifying your business in a manner that is easy to remember and easily connectable. It is a concept that unifies both marketing and content creation. Branding is a tool that makes people think about your company or organisation when they hear about a product. Thus the answer to the former confusion lies here, within this often set aside and misrepresented, business element.  We know understanding the clear importance of this is peculiarly important for you, so here we have dissected a few effects branding could have on your website. #1 Recognition – The Mind Effect “Never forget who your are, the world will not!” Changing the look and feel of your website by plastering your logo all over your network domain would certainly capture the minds of your customers. Yet, it’s not just about that but also adding value to your organisation. Everytime someone sees the logo, they must think of your company. Everytime they hear the name of the company, they must immediately think of the logo.  For example, when people hear the name of Nuclay Solutions, they immediately recall an IT solutions company in Gurgaon. Gradually, with your growing business, this transcends to a phase where people start associating with your products. Hence, marketing becomes easier and this distinct image will be more than enough to rule your digital marketing solutions. #2 Credibility – The Trust Effect Fortunately or unfortunately, people judge your business upon the look of it rather than the wit and strength you have put to built it. Same is the case with your website. According to a survey, it takes just 50 milliseconds for a person to decide whether they want to stay on your website or not. It is natural that people put trust in what looks professional and well-built rather than something that looks informal. Same is the case with websites. Having consistent branding a professional look will increase your website’s credibility, thus increasing the traffic. Therefore, branding makes it look legitimate and authentic, helping you grow your business. #3 Bridging – The New and The Old Take the ICC logo for an example. It’s simple, subtle and self explanatory. Anyone who looks at the logo and understand what it stands for. Therefore, it is able to convey to the cricket fans of their existence while at the same time shows the general idea behind the brand to the people who are unfamiliar with cricket. That is how branding should be done. In a way, branding should create a bridge that is for both, the old bonds and the new ones. A good branding campaign doesn’t just help create your name but also helps you create better content, by giving it a space that it can dwell in for a long time. It doesn’t matter how great your business it, if it doesn’t have an enchanting voice, it’s not good. #4 Perspective – The longing Human Beings are social creatures with their minds building notions and opinions all around the day. With social media as the biggest new-age tool in their hands to suffice this daily propensities, consumers are sharing with others their feelings and thoughts about a company. Going beyond the website and leveraging social media depends on a cohesive message that can be shared outside social spheres the company has no control over. A good social impression would last for a long time. A consistent positive relationship with customers will build a consistent brand that builds trust over the long haul while recognising the immediacy of social media. So, branding seems like a good solution to most of your business problems, doesn’t it! Still confused in the if’s and but’s? Nuclay Solutions is an IT solutions company in Delhi NCR. Check us out for all your digital solutions. The look of your website can tell if a person increases your bounce rates or becomes a lead. Is website branding so important? Let us have a look!


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