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The initial database infrastructure for the customer’s platform included two MySQL servers (one master and one slave). This infrastructure was fixed and running full-time. A cold disaster recovery environment was provisioned with specifications identical to the production environment. This environment was running full-time but was not used until a manual failover was initiated. This failover process could take several hours. The customer wanted a Scalable Database setup with a quick failover.


RDS allowed Nuclay to provide a standby MySQL instance in a different AZ, with automatic replication and failover protection in the event of hardware failure in the primary instance. Configuring MySQL slaves, that typically took several hours, was reduced to a few minutes. Last 30 days automatic backups were configured, also allowing point-in-time restoration to any time within the last week. This provided the best balance between data availability for disaster recovery and cost effectiveness.


Improved Availability
RDS’ Multi-AZ Configuration dramatically improved the Database availability.

Improved Performance
Scalable Replicas dramatically reduced the overall application footprint.

Reduced Cost of Ownership
Total Cost of ownership was reduced by 40%


At Nuclay, we are equipped with all the modern technological and digital know how which could provide the most pointed solutions to our clients. Whatever the challenges, we know how to adapt to all the changing circumstances and mould ourselves to suit the same. We believe in being flexible with our working techniques, without straying an inch away from delivering all requirements.

We are passionate about supporting other businesses in their growth. All our clients need to do is focus on their core business while we handle everything else to help them stay ahead.

AWS provides a broad platform of secure, cost-effective, high-performance cloud services that can be used to process and analyze the data stored in your managed database.


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