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We are all aware of the competitiveness in the business industry that comes with this era. One of the key solutions in order to stay on top of the game is promoting and sustaining engagement among the audience. Creating and adopting digital solutions are a great way to go about it; it only strengthens the foothold of your brand or organization in the industry. Customer engagement is all about building an intense bond with your customer so that brand awareness and customer loyalty stem out of it. This can be achieved through marketing campaigns on social media, updated and new content on the website, email marketing campaigns and responsive CTA buttons on your site. This will persuade users to spend more of their time on the website to obtain pieces of information such as ebooks and subscriptions.

Personalized content

There will be an increase at the rate in which your audience engages with your brand, once you start creating personalized content on your website. This will help you present your brand as one with a personality, people like the feeling of talking to a human being rather than just another brand. The chat box for instance can be personalized, encouraging visitors to engage and converse. 

Personalized direct communication

First you begin with content on your website, then you focus on one to one communication with your customers. An ideal way to uplift a brand is to strike a personal communication with your customer, this will make the customer more attentive towards you and what your brand wants to convey. An automated email to your customers is a perfect idea; this will be based on actions such as anniversary, birthdays, promotional offers, sign-ups and the like. A purchase recommendation based on their interests will definitely help you gain the attention and trust of your target audience. A lot of companies also send questionnaires aimed at understanding their customers better; questions may attempt to find out where the customers generally shop and what style is their favourite. 

The Barter system

By this, we only and simply mean that there should be a reward for any action that your audience takes at your brand’s behest. The concept of Barter system plays an extremely important role in this strategy. When a request is made to your customer to share a feedback or leave a review based on your services or product, offer something in return. This can be in the form of a discount, coupon or a special offer. This will create an engaging relation, that can in turn lead to more involvement of your customer in the future. 

Blend with social media

A lot of social media apps are mobile friendly, this makes it all the more necessary to be present on social media and share your story. Digital solutions do not have to be expensive all the time, it can also mean making do with what is already available. You can create social media stories using testimonials from clients. You can also post videos where your customer talks about the service that you’ve provided. For instance, there is IGTV on instagram that you can make use of. These kinds of social media activities will increase your brand presence, its popularity and will also help you in earning appreciation for your good work done. You can also reach out to influencers and request them to review your products in exchange for goodies. There are just so many activities that can be done on social media.

Analytics system

Technology today has given birth to an affordable analytics system that has made the customer’s engagement with the service or product, more accessible. An analytical system provides more visibility of the customer interaction with the product and services. The system also enables your organization to gather data, the data thein is used to prepare the required report to identify and analyze the loopholes and performance of the campaigns. By using an analytics report, you can evaluate where you are lacking and succeeding. It shows you where you need to pay more attention in order to drive better customer engagement.

The rules of running a brand doesn’t stop at customer engagement, it also involves other plans and digital solutions that will keep your brand thriving. For digital marketing campaigns that work, you can always reach out to Nuclay here


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