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Modern technology and the internet have enabled the availability of digital solutions, anytime and anywhere.  Different applications too are an example of digital advancement and a product of innovation. In one of our previous posts, we have covered the top social media apps for your startup. We have now listed down the 5 most popular apps on Google Playstore that makes life so much easier. 


Although Google Keep is an equally good Android app, Evernote with its aesthetically pleasing interface is a cross-platform utility for 2019. It enables you to take notes in a variety of forms and formats such as photos, audio video, sketches and text. Inorder to smoothen the workflow, it syncs across across all your devices. It helps you stay organized amidst the hectic life.

Google News

It is good to stay informed, and staying informed has never been easier. This app is well known to deliver relevant news using the technique of Artificial Intelligence. It offers several sections which can be accessed as per requirement of the user. For instance, it has the Newsstand section that allows you to subscribe to different news sources and magazines. It also offers a “for you” tab for personalized news. The huge database of Google News is the major reason for its popularity.

Nova Launcher

One of the best Android launchers that has been on Playstore for many years, this app is fast, lightweight, smooth and offers a lot of customization. It also has its own variety of icon packs available on Google Play Store to change its overall look. The app has a scrollable dock and supports app-drawer customization. 

Google Drive

This  app is a must have for any professional; it is a massive cloud storage service that provides you with a free space to store and access your files in the cloud platform. At any point of time, you can browse through all the files and folders that are saved in your drive; you can edit, share, move, rename, download and print these files. The app encompasses Google Slides, Sheets and Docs; it is an app of possibilities.


This app boasts of 100 million downloads, it is one of the most popular photo editing apps for Android users in 2019. The number of options for customizing your pictures is beyond description. You also get to share your photos within the app itself. A free app with some in-app purchases and display ads, it provides you with features such as collage, frames, stickers, clone tool and many more.


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