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Social media contributes majorly to startups today. It is also being widely used as a tool to find online business solutions. If you are marketing your brand by using social media as a tool, then you need to know about various apps very thoroughly; a social media marketer without the right tool is like a ship without its captain. Using the right apps and the right platform can take your startup to great heights and with this article, we’ll help you explore, analyze and decide.


One of the most common social media app, this is apt when you have a target audience which is vast and inclusive of various age groups (not just school going kids, even grandparents seen using this app.). With over 1.5 active billion users, this is an ideal app for small businesses to run advertisements for a product or even an event.


Known to be the second largest search engine after Google, it is a platform where you can share videos. People spend thousands and billion hours of their time watching videos on YouTube every single day; these are people who can become your subscribers who will like and share your content. To begin with, you can create your youtube channel and read up on Youtube SEO.


Initially, whatsapp was used as a communication tool between friends and family. However, it has now evolved into a platform where you can run your business. Creation of whatsapp groups and sharing of links to join those groups has become a common practise. Not just groups, you can get business through direct one on one messaging too. (Whatsapp helped me find a house for rent.)


Messenger earlier used to be a feature that was provided by Facebook, now Facebook has made it into a standalone app and we are loving it. The features on messenger has been expanded for the betterment of businesses providing both offline and online business solutions. Businesses can now create chatbots,

send newsletters and even advertise on messenger; these have enabled more engagements and conversations.


From filters to stories to live videos to IGTV, what has Instagram not done to get more people to download and use their app. It also launched its donation button earlier this year. Instagram is basically a platform to share pictures and videos, so content of visuals is the main focus here. As a business, you can create a business profile that will give you insightful analytics on your profile’s performance.


Twitter has always been known for its sweet and short communication, this is all about collective tweets. In its first consumer marketing campaign titled #WeTweet, Twitter has acknowledged the power of mass tweeting that can lead to meaningful conversations.


This platform has moved from a job finding site to a place where industry experts form opinions, talk about brands and influence their audience. LinkedIn is a great place for thought leadership activities and reputation management. It is also possible to run ads on this platform, send customized messages to inboxes and boost your content.


A lot of businesses have been pitching their products and services on Quora. This is a Q&A  platform that allows you to see, read and know what your target audience is looking for. It also helps you in tracking down your competitors. Quora allows you to hyperlink words to websites, a feature that can be helpful for your business.


Medium can be used as a support to many of the social media sites mentioned above. It is an online publishing platform with elements of a social network; you can publish original content, share it on your LinkedIn or Facebook handles. While some articles are reserved for paying members, its is free to publish and read most articles on medium.


On this site, the primary focus is not engagement but to inspire and be inspired. Pinterest is a platform where people discover new things through images and videos. It is a great site for reaching out to potential buyers of your product or service, a lot will depend on your presentation. Pinterest is also an ideal platform to showcase DIY products too.

Now that you have our top picks for 10 social media platforms that can be great for your startup, it’s time for you to take the call. Whether you are providing online business solutions, looking for more clients or pitching a product, you do not have to be on every social media site. Identify your target audience and pick the tools that are most used by them. Good luck.


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