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Web Development vs Web Designing Services
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Web Development vs Web Designing Services : Key Distinctions

You might be designing a new website or developing one from scratch, and might find yourself wondering whether to go for web designing services or web development. With these two terms being so closely related, getting confused is not a big deal. However, when you need a specific service for your website, it’s essential to know whether you should hire a designer or a developer to get the job done. To ease your troubles, we are helping you distinguish between web design vs. web development for your project in this article. What are web designing services? The outline of your webpage referring to the aesthetic appearance, different buttons, links and parts working together to build a complete online page for your business fall under web designing services. A web designer doesn’t code the website. Rather they use designing softwares to create a prototype of how the website would look eventually. This becomes a building block for the developers to work on, later in the process. It also gives you a chance to give feedback about the design and ask your designers to make any possible changes. What is web development? Here we talk about back-end development. The web developer or back-end developer makes the design function. All the CTAs (call-to-action), links, internal links, animations, and the flow need to be hard coded into the site to ensure a proper working landing page when users click them or scroll through them. Further, the other elements such as widgets, forms, navigation bars or hyperlinks that need to be set up are also coded by web developers. They make the prototype come to life. They have the option of working with Content Management Tools like WordPress or Joomla, but can also hard code it with languages like HTML, PHP, CSS. How about a web designing company that is also a web development company? Putting the two categories in different cans doesn’t mean you should go for web designing services and a web development company separately. We suggest you hire a digital agency that can do both. Hiring such an agency would give you the benefit of working with a company that has both departments working cordially, thus, eliminating the disconnect between the two teams. Also, they would give you one single direction to work on and make the most of your website. Moreover, a digital agency like Nuclay Solutions, would also provide you the marketing strategies to help you make the most of your website.

Web Design Trends 2020 | Nuclay
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7 design trends for 2020 as recommended by a web design company 

On an average, it is advisable to review your websites at least every two to three years, sooner, if you are a website design company. This allows for your content to be fresh, and website to be well adapted to newer technologies and evolving user behavior.  This gives us the opportunity to make a point about what you can implement in your web design in 2020. Not surprisingly, some ideas from 2019 stay, and others are gaining momentum. 1. Websites that speak. For any service provider, chat boxes will continue to be important. The development of artificial intelligence allows for exchange of more and more useful information.  Internet users like these small boxes to have a 24/7 answer. In addition, chat boxes facilitate the websites that might have issues, which makes them even more useful. 2. Backgrounds that come alive. We have been talking about the importance of video content for marketing.  If you wander on the web, you will notice that the video content has really invaded our screens and that it is placed more and more in the background. Use video background on your website. Today the video is not only used to entertain the user and / or to diversify the content of a web page. The goal is to provide visually relevant information to users who no longer take the time to read the texts of a site, and capture their attention. In addition, this trend goes hand in hand with the desire to add an immersive content experience for users. 3. Always more interaction 3D takes more and more space on websites. 2020 trend in web design is moving towards interactive 3D. You will not just show your products from every angle and situation, to make them more real. You will allow users to act with what they see, by changing the lighting, angle, color, in order to offer them a real experience. They will spend more time on your site, which is good for your SEO as well as engagement. 4. Menus change shape Sites go even further than responsive design . They are now thought directly for use on mobile screen. This is how menus, traditionally at the top of computer screens, move down. They respond to the usual use of smartphones: it is down that we put his finger to navigate! Still inconceivable a few years ago, one of the trends that shakes up the very famous hamburger menu is the horizontal scroll for menus, especially on the mobile. Imported from mobile applications, this concept is gradually taking its place on the web. 5. Special attention on textures Seeking to become more and more real in the virtual world, web design 2020 will increasingly focus on textures. The visuals will thus be anchored in reality, almost solid. It will be possible to see the grain of the wood, the folds of the fabric, whether for the backgrounds, for the banners, or for the photos of the products. If those who consult your website want to reach out to touch it, it’s because you’re on the right track! 6. Fonts forget diets and get fat The choice of a typography impacts the reading of a text. By opting more and more often for bold fonts, it will be easier to guide readers. Wide typography You will notice that it is often the main titles that are highlighted in order to deliver the information more quickly. Subtitles meanwhile they want more lights. You can even add a few colors to emphasize them even more. However, we must be careful not to overload the page words so highlighted! 7. At the crossroads of the photo and the illustration If there is one trend on which you will not be able to make the impasse in 2020, it is the meeting between the real shots and the drawings. Whether it is to surround a person with drawn features, with a little more elegance than those who add a mustache on a photo, or delimit a portrait with illustrated areas, the goal is to bring more dimension to a flat photo.  What do you think of these trends for 2020? As a web design company, we highly recommend some solid action. Be careful though: relying on trends does not mean curbing your creativity, quite the opposite! If you want to delegate this work to a professional, think of to accompany you in your web projects.

SEO Friendly Page
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SEO – How can you perfectly optimize a page?

If you are searching for a website development company in delhi, your search results would definitely not display food joints. But, how does Google segregate one website from the other?  Basically, there is a whole set of algorithms crawling and scanning your content, as well as your website’s code, for Google to locate you asap. However, it is your duty to optimize your pages accordingly with Search Engine Optimization. Talking about on page SEO, it is possible that you might have heard of various techniques. However, here is a quick summary of everything we could tell you about creating web pages that generate a lot of targeted traffic. Responsive Design One of the perforces for website designing today is that the website should be mobile friendly. Not only do they add to the user experience, but they also add up to the visibility of your website. How? Read : Top Reasons why Mobile Responsive Websites help your SEO. Google ranks websites with better usability, speed and more dwell time higher. With your website being mobile responsive, all these factors give your search rank a positive push. Using keywords Keywords are the foundations of On-Page SEO. Start your titles with keywords, include them in your headings, and drop a keyword in the first 100 words. At the same time, make sure you have added proper heading types to the content on your website. Using headings helps Google algorithms identify the relevant piece of content faster, thus helping your SEO. Although there is no such optimum keyword density to help your page, yet 1-3% keyword density with semantic keywords would be great.Semantic keywords are basically the synonyms of your focus keyword. For example, a semantic keyword for website development company in delhi could be a web designing company in delhi ncr. Create Links There are two kinds of links– outbound and inbound. Outbound links help you link back to other pages on the web except your website that are relevant to the purpose of your page. Inbound links are used to link back to other pages, blogs, presentations, forms, etc. within your website that could help a visitor understand the context better, or lead them to a call-to-action. Links are important because search engines view them as votes of confidence in the popularity and authority of your website. Linking internally also connects your content and gives the search engine an idea of the structure of your website. They help establish a hierarchy on your site, allowing the more important pages to rank higher. Social Media sharing buttons Even though social media links do not directly increase the rank of your page on a search engine, they help increase the visibility of your website and the content. They help create your brand and increase its recognition. If your viewers like the way you present your brand on social media, they might visit your website more, thus increasing the referral traffic. In a way, this helps you create confidence for the search engine.Ensure that you place social media links on your page, to redirect the visitor to your social media pages. Play with the multimedia Use of media such as images, GIFs, videos, presentations, etc. help increase the time a visitor spends on your page. This helps increase the average session time of your website, thus increasing the rank on any search engine. Place them accordingly, relating to the context of the content on your website, or what the page describes. For example, Nuclay, being a website development company in delhi, helped a Non-Government Organization by teaching a few underprivileged students different aspects of Website or Android Development, as well as Digital Marketing. Optimize the site speed More than being a factor that impacts SEO, site speed is a direct ranking metric. Since the Google Algorithm’s update, that included site speed as a ranking basis, Google has provided a set of tools for website developers and webmasters to improve their loading speeds. Google PageSpeed Insights is an online tool provided which is used to identify the performance related issues on sites.  It is mostly related to technical SEO issues, but also helps analyze the site from a user Experience and accessibility point of view. You can access PageSpeed Insights by visiting Be it an e-commerce site or a digital services agency, it is necessary to implement good SEO techniques to get yourself found. Therefore, start building your website, while keeping in mind these steps. Do not shy from contacting us any time in case you need our help.

User Experience and SEO
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Online Business Plan – Why a website’s UX matters to SEO?

Creating  an online business plan, must include a website. And a website must be well optimized for a great user experience (UX). Most businesses end up focusing on just ranking their website higher. But, did you know, UX matters a lot when brushing up your SEO? To understand this, let’s dig deeper into the relation of UX and SEO. What is User Experience? The most important thing about your website is that it should be user-friendly. From the site menu to the header, the images, links, etc. all become a part of UX. It also includes the way the text is written and how the categories have been arranged on the website. Even more so, the ways of presenting content in alternative ways such as videos, graphics, etc. are also applicable.  But, user experience also ties up with how easily a user can find your website on search. Is it really user-friendly, if it is not locatable? Definitely not. Combining a great user experience with the right keywords will give you the website you need for your business. To do this, you must first know what SEO means. What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is inherently the practise of optimizing your website’s content based on the search engine algorithms and metrics. Search engines rank websites by comparing quality, relevance and authority of its content.  Your online business plan must be around a certain product or service that you’re selling. Therefore, your website must also be optimized around the same, so that every time a user looks for the same, your website is discoverable to them.This starts with choosing the right keywords for your business and using them the correct number of times. Placing them strategically, and following best practices when choosing keywords and where to use them could help you reach the first-page results of a search engine.  Correct keywords usage is part of what will enhance a user’s experience on your site. How does UX and SEO go together? The Google Panda update in 2011 focused on eliminating sites with low quality content and reduced the content to ad ratios on site pages.  Then, the Penguin update that followed a year later was included to improve user experiences.  Since then, an effective SEO strategy must include optimizing your pages, titles and meta descriptions with the proper keywords. You must also use the appropriate H1, H2 and H3 headings that search engines like. Having a well-designed site ensures that your visitors return. If people keep coming back to your site, it increases your domain authority, and it  keeps rising further to the top of search results. Here are some tips and tricks to align your website’s UX and SEO efficiently: Do not try to spam the content with keywords just so you can elevate your rank on a search engine. Providing content with multiple forms of accessibility would improve experience for the sight and hearing impaired, and provide basic html versions as it helps users load your site pages even if they, for example, only temporarily have slow, unsecured Wifi. Therefore, include alt text, descriptions or captions with images. Carefully plan a layout for your website design. To increase the convenience of your visitors, include a search bar at the top of your page, in case they cannot find something on the menu. Break long chunks of text with images and bulleted lists if you can, to decrease the monotony of the content. Just make sure that your images do not load slowly. While creating a menu, make sure all your subcategories belong under the main category menu items. Try avoiding menu drop-down options as mobile users cannot see them when navigating your site pages. The page speed is another issue that could affect people who are experiencing internet connectivity problems. You can make use of content management systems that provide plugins to automatically optimize images and graphics to improve page loading. Also, choosing the right web host would help your pages to respond faster over pages that respond more slowly. Sites often load too slowly because the host has poor infrastructure which doesn’t support the website efficiently. A quick trick, but a useful one. Always provide a quick way back “Home”. While creating your online business plan, keep in mind the necessities of creating an intuitive website for your customers and visitors. If you face any difficulty with the same, we are here to help you. Contact us today!

Web Design Company
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5 proven ways to get more clients for your Web Design Company

The total number of internet users crossed 3.50 billion in 2018, this has also increased the potential of an online business that is looking to expand and flourish. Even for businesses that haven’t been able to come up with their own website, most of them will find more deals once they come online. In order to set up a website, a lot of brands need a web design company and undoubtedly, there is high competition among different companies to get more clients on board. As a business owner, getting more projects to work on is a big necessity for the smooth functioning of the company. With this article, we would like to introduce 5 simple ways in which you can get more attention and of course, clients.  Curate meaningful content  Content is king in the digital front of advertising. Be unique in your approach to representation; attractive, insightful and engaging are the words you will have to remember. A well written article or piece will help you bring about a positive image for your brand. At the same time, your content doesn’t necessarily have to be textual, you can create infographic, videos, newsletters and sample templates around the positioning of your brand.  SEO and Adwords are important Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you get to the coveted first page ranking on Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). Nobody has the patience and time to go beyond the first page of the search results, therefore a second page ranking may not get you much of what you want and need. Having an in-house SEO Analyst is a good idea if you do have the budget to hire an SEO Agency. In this way, you can also present yourself as a web design company that can also offer SEO services.  AdWords are also an option if you do not have time to invest on SEO. There are leading search engines like Google and Bing that offer this service. It works by allowing your ads to feature prominently on top of the search results, all you have to do is pay for a click on the link.  Get listed in the web solutions catalogue In order to bring about more business growth,  your brand needs to be more visible and your services will have to be showcased on a more engaging platform. There are platforms like Template Monster where you can be easily present. Your company’s presence on the web studio catalogue will enable you to show your skills that are waiting to find the kind of service and tools that you offer. This is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity to improve your base with relevant and quality clients. All you have to do is pass a small test before you actually get listed and also provide a few basic information.  Social media is key It’s not just models that get scouted through social media, your company can too. There are networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram that have a big network of people that interact on the interest topics that are common to them; they are groups and pages you can join and start your networking. Not just that, these sites also have options to run ads as a business with specific targeting of audience. You can also look for profiles of big potential clients and approach them by interacting with them directly. Your website represents your brand If you are offering to create and maintain a website for a company, it is your website that is going to give the first impression. Be careful about the fonts and colours that you use, be precise with your presentation and be creative with the graphics that you showcase on your website. Make sure that you optimize your site so that it shows up on the SERPs and contribute to other websites so that people know that you are good at what you do, focus on earning their trust first. These are the few ways that, if executed sincerely, will help you get more clients for your company. Some techniques will help you instantly while a few will take some time to show results. Trying several of them together will up your chances of getting the break your deserve. For the best website design company in Delhi NCR, please feel free to reach out to us. Keep up with trends and keep working at it. 

reduce bounce rates increase conversions
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How to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions

High bounce rates in most cases are a signal for poor user experience. They hurt website conversions. What digital solutions and strategies can help decrease bounce rates? In this article, we detail the key factors that will help you reduce this key performance indicator cut down bounce rates. The bounce rate of a page describes the percentage of visitors who leave your website after consulting a single page. It is calculated by the total number of one-page visits divided by the total number of sessions to a website. This “jump” made by the visitor is counted as a session on Google Analytics. During this session, however, only one request is sent to the server. In general, the bounce rate is one of the key KPIs that encourages you to optimize your user experience and content, ensuring the success of your digital solutions. It is then an important ranking factor, used in particular by Google to evaluate your website. It provides information on whether user intent is satisfied or not . By combining this value with the value of the length of stay, it finally allows you to draw conclusions about the usability and attractiveness of your site.  What are the possible causes of a high bounce rate? Your website is a single page with no subpages : in this case, of course, the web analytics tool cannot count the pages that are viewed later, unless the user reloads the page. Tracking may need to be adjusted to analyze visitor interaction on the website (tracking downloads, etc.).  Incorrect integration of the tracking code : digital solutions or each analytics tool in this case, works with a tracking code that must be integrated into the source code of the page to be analyzed. Errors during installation can result in too much bounce rate. Bad design and site design: Visitors do not find what they think they can find on the site, even after scrolling through the content to which their search query refers. A global reorganization of the website can help reduce the bounce rate. Disappointing Content: One who only optimizes his website to rank well is working towards a high bounce rate. If the visitor does not find enough information on the subject he is looking for, he will turn away without waiting. Misleading content: If you promise certain information in your ads, and the website attached is clearly not delivering on that promise, the users are smart enough to recognize a click bait and to say goodbye. For example, if your ad says – Leading Digital Solutions and Technology Providers but leads to a blog post on website designing trends 2020, you are bound to have high bounce rates.  Is bounce rate a bad ranking signal? It depends on many different factors, first of all the structure or the kind of site. If the homepage of your website is the starting point for secondary pages, such as product pages or blog posts, and if the success of your site is based on users opening multiple pages, a high bounce rate on the homepage will not be a good sign. On the other hand, if your domain consists of a single page is a blog or a news site a bounce rate above 80% is not so notorious.  In general, a high bounce rate does not have to be considered negative. A visitor who opens only one URL can also find advantages on this page, as long as he looks at his content more intensively. A high bounce rate generally raises concerns on the one hand against the values ​​presented by Google Analytics, and on the other hand, because of its assessment which is often superficial and incomplete. To judge the quality of your content and bounces, you must therefore clearly define what should be considered as a bounce on your page (for example, users who leave the page in the first 10 seconds). You can trigger an automatic event after a certain number of seconds in your Google Analytics tracking- such as playing a video or audio file—as an interaction.  In fact, a high bounce rate can sometimes be a good thing. Suppose the user is looking for you contact information, working hours, or trying to look you up on social media –  they are likely to find exactly what they need on a single (home) page. Now even though the analytics data suggests a high bounce rate, on closer analysis of other factors like the kind of page, the content on the page, the exit rates- you will find that it was not such a bad thing.  Bounce rates in Google Analytics is a widely misunderstood metric. It needs to be placed in the right context before any meaningful analysis on user behavior and website conversion can be drawn. No data as a single point of reference can reflect an absolutely accurate scenario. All digital solutions are tools only as good as its user. 

Tips for one page website design
Website Design

7 tips to create a one page website design for your business

In an attempt to improve your online business presence, you may hire the best content writer in the world. But that can go to waste if you do not focus on the look, feel and functioning of your website. Truth be told, images and videos attract people better than beautifully written, yet mere texts. Your website is the face of your brand online, viewers and visitors will form an impression by what they see on your site and how your website makes them feel.  In today’s world, the creation of a simple one page website is definitely one of the best ways to get one’s name (one’s commercial business’ name, to be precise) on the map of the world wide web. This type of website is relatively affordable and usually doesn’t require the connection of APIs, payment gateways or any kind of advanced features.  With this article, we bring to you a few tips that you can consider as you prepare a one page website design for your business.  The background is an important playground Creation of a website is an art that allows you to play with creativity and ideas. The background of the homepage shouldn’t intercept the content of the page; that is why choosing a neutral colour is ideal. This could be grey shaded or even pastel toned. Using heavy images or animations is not a good idea as these take longer to load and may not suit every browser. This in turn can slow down the whole site’s performance. Keep the design simple, fresh and unique.  Side navigation labels As a business owner, you can always decide what kind of navigation you want on your website. In vertical navigation, the menu stays on the left while you can scroll up and down. This technique, however, doesn’t work well on all websites. If you need to provide support to smaller screens with the same menu or you have a lot of texts, then this technique isn’t for your online business. You can have your navigation fixed at the top or you can opt for dot navigation links. Small dots or circles are used for thumbnail preview in dot navigation.  Showcase of products and services The products and services that you provide should be easily visible on your homepage. The positioning and location of these sections make a lot of difference; the graphical image of your products and their details must be clear and crisp. Think of your viewer to be somebody on the move, make it simple and quick for them. Your display and the access on your website should be intuitive. Font type and colour code The font and colour of the content of your website is a part of your branding. What does your brand stand for? Choose a colour and font that best represents your business, at the same time it must blend with your background. Keep up with the trend by following the “minimalist” path; less is more. As for the colour scheme, you can always go with a colour that is pleasing to the eye, avoid neons.  If you are using two or more colours, make sure that the shades are close to each other in order to avoid odd arrangements. Implement call to actions This is an extremely crucial button that has to be there on your single page website. Call-To-Action is a graphical element, like a button or a hyperlink,  that urges and encourages your visitors to perform certain actions such as subscribing to a newsletter or even buying a product or service. Simply put, your CTA must direct a user on what to do next. This is even more important in sales as it can help in increasing sales rate and promotes your product.  Your CTA must be concise, logical, compelling and visually outstanding against the background.  Honor the white spaces Like we have mentioned above, less is definitely more. When you incorporate white spaces on your website, it gives a fresh effect to the overall look of the page. Too many texts and too many images would certainly result in the withdrawal of your visitors. Keep it clean. Mobile optimization For this, you can build your website from scratch, based on a custom engine. The key is to create an adaptive design that will automatically sit in accordance with mobile devices. In case you are using an already available CMS like WordPress, there shouldn’t be any problem in adapting it to the mobile version. It is good to remember that most of your visitors would be operating on their smartphones. Content and graphics go hand in hand, therefore make sure that your content aligns with the images and display. A well designed website will have an impact on your offline and online business performance. It is also important to never stop testing. In order to see how your website is performing, always evaluate conversion paths and see how far your users are scrolling and where they are clicking.  If you require further assistance with building your one page website, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are a website designing company in Delhi that has been helping businesses develop in all spheres. 


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