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Importance of video content

Importance of video content for online business plan

What is the impact of visual content in a brand’s Inbound Marketing strategy? Should videos be a part of your online business plan or promotions? What is inbound marketing?! If you are new to internet marketing, you probably ask yourself or your digital marketing consultants these questions a lot; and even if you do not understand how it will all work towards sales, you cannot deny feeling that videos are important somehow.  I have been working with startups of all sizes for over a decade now and I can assure you, there is no inbound marketing strategy without visual content. There is no such thing! And there is a science to it. According to the Learning Pyramid, it takes just 3 days to lose 90% of the information we have read. Adding audio -visual content to your content can double the retention rate for your audience. It all goes to show that our memory potential is much stronger for visuals.  So what are the most effective types of visual content, and how do they fit into your online business plan? Video is a simple way to communicate Video allows you to communicate in a simple way and above all to transmit your messages without interference. Today, there are several ways to design a video, but it must be said that storytelling is much easier to remember for internet users.  Video attracts attention It is interesting to note that Google has 90% of all web search volume, winner by a wide margin, followed by YouTube. By using video in your content marketing strategy, you will inevitably attract the attention of your users browsing online- they are very fond of quality content. By adding video to your various communication media, you will increase brand visibility on the web. Indeed, a video is much more likely to appear in Google search results. In recent years, there have been 3 types of SEO on the Google search engine: natural SEO, video SEO and paid SEO. To get the best results, you will need to combine these different elements.  Videos boost your influence on social networks Social networks have been essential in the content marketing strategy for over a decade and with 3.484 billion active users in the world in 2019, it will continue to be a major influencer. It is therefore important to have a presence, if only through a page on these networks where people live, eat, shop and connect on a daily basis. By using video, you will be able to attract a little more attention from users on social networks. Brands need to figure out how they can offer value and drive the conversation. 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem, can that be your area of expertise?  With a little awareness and experiment, you might be able to figure out what works best for you. The goal is to explain your activity, your products, your approach, etc. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are your mediums. Posts with video have 48% more views on social channels, that’s a much higher engagement number when compared with brand videos placed on a website!  Do you want to get started with videos? Make sure you ensure the quality of it. Pay attention to the background, the image and the sound; they must be impeccable in order to please your viewers. This will provide you with essential support for your content marketing strategy which guarantees quality traffic. By quality traffic, we mean people who are really interested in your products and services. Bonus tips! for a successful video – create a branded editorial byline, linking back to your own site  – be concise: Great videos are under a minute.  – take care of the quality: The more beautiful your images, neat graphic design, the greater your chances of maintaining attention. – or give us a call. We are a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon specializing in content and web design services and would love to get your started. 

User Experience and SEO
SEO, Website Design

Online Business Plan – Why a website’s UX matters to SEO?

Creating  an online business plan, must include a website. And a website must be well optimized for a great user experience (UX). Most businesses end up focusing on just ranking their website higher. But, did you know, UX matters a lot when brushing up your SEO? To understand this, let’s dig deeper into the relation of UX and SEO. What is User Experience? The most important thing about your website is that it should be user-friendly. From the site menu to the header, the images, links, etc. all become a part of UX. It also includes the way the text is written and how the categories have been arranged on the website. Even more so, the ways of presenting content in alternative ways such as videos, graphics, etc. are also applicable.  But, user experience also ties up with how easily a user can find your website on search. Is it really user-friendly, if it is not locatable? Definitely not. Combining a great user experience with the right keywords will give you the website you need for your business. To do this, you must first know what SEO means. What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is inherently the practise of optimizing your website’s content based on the search engine algorithms and metrics. Search engines rank websites by comparing quality, relevance and authority of its content.  Your online business plan must be around a certain product or service that you’re selling. Therefore, your website must also be optimized around the same, so that every time a user looks for the same, your website is discoverable to them.This starts with choosing the right keywords for your business and using them the correct number of times. Placing them strategically, and following best practices when choosing keywords and where to use them could help you reach the first-page results of a search engine.  Correct keywords usage is part of what will enhance a user’s experience on your site. How does UX and SEO go together? The Google Panda update in 2011 focused on eliminating sites with low quality content and reduced the content to ad ratios on site pages.  Then, the Penguin update that followed a year later was included to improve user experiences.  Since then, an effective SEO strategy must include optimizing your pages, titles and meta descriptions with the proper keywords. You must also use the appropriate H1, H2 and H3 headings that search engines like. Having a well-designed site ensures that your visitors return. If people keep coming back to your site, it increases your domain authority, and it  keeps rising further to the top of search results. Here are some tips and tricks to align your website’s UX and SEO efficiently: Do not try to spam the content with keywords just so you can elevate your rank on a search engine. Providing content with multiple forms of accessibility would improve experience for the sight and hearing impaired, and provide basic html versions as it helps users load your site pages even if they, for example, only temporarily have slow, unsecured Wifi. Therefore, include alt text, descriptions or captions with images. Carefully plan a layout for your website design. To increase the convenience of your visitors, include a search bar at the top of your page, in case they cannot find something on the menu. Break long chunks of text with images and bulleted lists if you can, to decrease the monotony of the content. Just make sure that your images do not load slowly. While creating a menu, make sure all your subcategories belong under the main category menu items. Try avoiding menu drop-down options as mobile users cannot see them when navigating your site pages. The page speed is another issue that could affect people who are experiencing internet connectivity problems. You can make use of content management systems that provide plugins to automatically optimize images and graphics to improve page loading. Also, choosing the right web host would help your pages to respond faster over pages that respond more slowly. Sites often load too slowly because the host has poor infrastructure which doesn’t support the website efficiently. A quick trick, but a useful one. Always provide a quick way back “Home”. While creating your online business plan, keep in mind the necessities of creating an intuitive website for your customers and visitors. If you face any difficulty with the same, we are here to help you. Contact us today!


Basics of Online Business Consulting Services

We are a society driven by technological innovation. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses work on success frameworks that revolve around sustainable competitive advantage. The marketplace is so connected that the management of businesses on their own has become a hefty task. In this environment, businesses need to pave a suitable path that decreases their complexity and increases operational efficiency. Yet, the internet has made it much easier for everyone to find solutions to their problem. In the case of businesses as well, online business consulting services are capable to lead clients through to success with strategies, experiences and growth management. You just need to jot down your goals and there is an agency out there that can help you create a map to achieve them. But how do you know what suits you? How do you choose the best online business consultant for your venture? Is there a way you could better your online business plan? Here is a guide for you. What does a business consultant do? An online business consultant provides management and performance recommendations to the client company. These organizations/individuals analyze business and provide solutions so that companies can achieve their goals. Businesses must hire consultancies in case they need help finding their way around their business plans. There are mainly two phases in the work of a business consultant – discovery and evaluation. During the discovery phase, a good business consultant would take time to understand the business– from the owner to the employees, from finances to expenses, as well as all the reading material about the company. This will help the business consultant assess the mission and motivation of the company.  During the evaluation phase, the business consultant would analyze the expertise of the client in the specific market. It will identify the areas that might be a problem, such as cost cutting, supplementing the staff, etc. Basically,  it will identify where the change is needed. This includes identifying the strengths and weaknesses, management problems, and problems related to the business’ vision. This is what helps them come up with an online business plan for a client seeking online business consulting services.  How to find the right online business consultant? Ultimately, this is the most difficult question for the owner or the management of the company. The right consultant would have a passion for their work, a desire to succeed and an eye for excellence. When hiring a consultant make sure they produce solid references and skills of their expertise. It is true that anyone may call themselves a consultant, but it takes a combination of many skills to make for a good business consultant. It is important to make sure that your online business consultant has necessary certification, depending on your industry. You should check their website – look for professional images and well-documented information about their services. It is advisable to request examples of past successes and to speak to those businesses. Hiring a business consultant is not necessarily cheap. Yet their feedback and planning can help increase business and boost profits in the long run. It will also help you in ensuring future success by eliminating problems and identifying opportunities. How should you deal with a consultant? It is important for you to take the agency’s advice as constructive criticism, and not as a remark on the efficiency of existing teams.  The online business consultant provides objectivity and a new viewpoint. On the other hand, you as an owner  would be familiar with the nuances of the business and the consultant should take your reflections and revise plans as necessary. Once you and the consultant agree on a plan, the consultant enters the third phase of consulting, the restructuring phase. Now, the consultant builds on assets and eliminates liabilities. It is a process that addresses a company’s unsatisfactory status quo in the constantly evolving market. It is based on proper strategic planning, fuelled by innovation, or it can be a tactical reaction to unexpected situations.  Nuclay expertises in online business consulting with our in-depth analysis of business structures. Our experts have worked with businesses belonging to philanthropy,  entertainment and food industries. Contact us here to schedule a free consultation call to talk about your goals. 

online business plan

Design an exemplary online business plan from scratch

With a boom in online business, ensuring your business stands out from the rest requires the right planning and direction. Building a compelling online business plan instead of jumping straight and executing your idea will help you achieve each milestone.  An online business plan will help you determine: your short-term and long-term goals the time you will require to achieve your goals the cost and budgeting A. Know your business Evaluate your business with perspective to the following points. Define your products or services: One thing business should take care of is pre-defining the products and services they would want to offer. It is often seen that management while establishing a business either narrow down previously decided products/services or add up new ones. Businesses need to precisely define the products or services they want to begin with. This eliminates confusion at a later phase of your plan. Of course, as you grow your business, you may add more to your list.    Examine the business type and sector: Once you define the products or services, examine which sector your business falls into. Research thoroughly about the sector and the customers you would cater to.  Setting up goals: Your online business plan must include goals for a better understanding of your plans. You can create one by evaluating your current stand and by when you want to achieve those goals. For example, you are building your website from scratch and your goal is to convert five leads into business. Formulating the roadmap ahead can look like the following:- B. Designing and building your website A very important aspect of any online business is a website. Your website is 24*7 face of your online business. Finding and purchasing your domain name: The domain name is the address of a website. For example, is the domain name of Google. A domain name is unique for a website and cannot be shared with any other website. You need to purchase one so that you have a unique address for your website. Buying a suitable web host: To ensure a website is up and running 24*7 requires supercomputers. A web hosting service provider will ensure that your website flashes up on a computer screen at any given point of time. Buy yourself a webspace from a web hosting service provider. We understand domain name and web hosting may sound tricky. If so, you can consult an IT solutions company. Website designing: A great user interface means a better conversion rate. For a website to have a remarkable user interface, invest time and money in creating an exceptional web-design. Being one of the best website designing company in Delhi, we ensure that the design is not only aesthetically appealing but also in compliance with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Website development: After designing, the web needs to be made dynamic. Website development is the process of building and maintaining the website. Web development requires a variety of programming languages, tools, and frameworks.  C. Craft a compelling marketing plan Market research: Before drafting a marketing plan, you need to research about the competitors and customers. Look for what your competitors are doing to entice the audience. Build your audience list for social media campaigns and other online campaigns based on your research. Crafting a marketing strategy: Build a marketing strategy in accordance with your goals. Include some unique marketing ideas. Think of what can be done differently to draw the attention of your customers. Make a list of online channels where you would like to market and build a marketing plan accordingly.  Start designing your online business plan prior to implementing your business idea. This will take you a long way in achieving your goals and climbing the ladder of success. 


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