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Web Development vs Web Designing Services
Website Design, Website Development

Web Development vs Web Designing Services : Key Distinctions

You might be designing a new website or developing one from scratch, and might find yourself wondering whether to go for web designing services or web development. With these two terms being so closely related, getting confused is not a big deal. However, when you need a specific service for your website, it’s essential to know whether you should hire a designer or a developer to get the job done. To ease your troubles, we are helping you distinguish between web design vs. web development for your project in this article. What are web designing services? The outline of your webpage referring to the aesthetic appearance, different buttons, links and parts working together to build a complete online page for your business fall under web designing services. A web designer doesn’t code the website. Rather they use designing softwares to create a prototype of how the website would look eventually. This becomes a building block for the developers to work on, later in the process. It also gives you a chance to give feedback about the design and ask your designers to make any possible changes. What is web development? Here we talk about back-end development. The web developer or back-end developer makes the design function. All the CTAs (call-to-action), links, internal links, animations, and the flow need to be hard coded into the site to ensure a proper working landing page when users click them or scroll through them. Further, the other elements such as widgets, forms, navigation bars or hyperlinks that need to be set up are also coded by web developers. They make the prototype come to life. They have the option of working with Content Management Tools like WordPress or Joomla, but can also hard code it with languages like HTML, PHP, CSS. How about a web designing company that is also a web development company? Putting the two categories in different cans doesn’t mean you should go for web designing services and a web development company separately. We suggest you hire a digital agency that can do both. Hiring such an agency would give you the benefit of working with a company that has both departments working cordially, thus, eliminating the disconnect between the two teams. Also, they would give you one single direction to work on and make the most of your website. Moreover, a digital agency like Nuclay Solutions, would also provide you the marketing strategies to help you make the most of your website.

rags to riches stories of indian entrepreneurs

Self-made Indian entrepreneurs who continue to be an Inspiration

The business world requires taking risks. It is often believed that success belongs to those who dare. In addition to that, there is so much perseverance and hard work involved in getting to the top. Way before the Indian start-up boom that includes a lot of online business, there have been individuals who followed their passion and made their dreams come true, beyond all odds. With this article, we would like to throw some light on a few first generation Indian entrepreneurs whose life stories inspire us to work harder and do better. Devi Prasad Shetty Courtesy: Outlook Business Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty is a renowned Indian philanthropist and cardiac surgeon. Born in a small town in Karnataka in May, 1953,  Shetty was the second-youngest of nine siblings. He decided to become a heart surgeon and performed numerous feats including our country’s first neonatal cardiac surgery on a nine-day old baby. He also did the first video-assisted open heart surgery. He is best known as the founder of Narayana Hruduyalaya hospital chain (2001) and for making life-saving cardiac surgeries affordable for millions of Indians bridged by the economies of scale.  Dhirubai Ambani Courtesy: Outlook  Known as the top businessman of the 20th century and respected innovative and pioneering genius, Dhirubhai Ambani was an inspirational leader. His success story has fuelled the fire for a generation of Indian entrepreneurs, progressive companies and business leaders. The founder of the Reliance empire, Ambani’s father was a poor school teacher in Chorvad, Gujarat. His career started by working initially as a labourer and a gas station attendant in Yemen. He then became a yarn and spice trader in Mumbai, following which he set up his first cloth mill in Ahmedabad in 1966. There are indeed controversies surrounding Ambani’s rise to the top; especially the way he made the license permit system work to his favour. At the time of his death, Ambani was ranked as the 138th-richest person in the world and left behind an estimated net worth of $2.9 billion. Kalpana Saroj Courtesy: Here is a woman who has often been described as the ‘original slumdog millionaire’; a compliment which is as backhanded as it is demeaning. Born in a poverty stricken family and largely subjected to inhuman abuse, she rose above it all and overcame every hurdle to become one of the most sought after entrepreneurs in India. Saroj was married off forcefully at the age of 12, and she dropped out of school at 14. She then left her husband after enduring physical and verbal abuse. Post her training as a tailor in Mumbai, she was granted a loan from the government to expand her business. This was a time before online business was the real deal, one can only imagine how much bigger businesses could be if the internet scene was stronger then.  Today, Saroj manages a $112 million empire that is constantly growing.  Karsanbhai Patel  Courtesy: Dr. Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel founded Nirma group which is presently worth more than Rs. 3550 crore.  Nirma mainly deals in detergents, soaps, cosmetics, and salt. Karsanbhai Patel knew how to market his products to make it a hit with the consumers. He started his entrepreneurial journey by preparing detergent in his own backyard and sold it from door-to-door, post his office hours in Ahmedabad.This was a time before online business was the real deal, one can only imagine how much bigger businesses could be if the internet scene was stronger then. Karsanbhai Patel launched the low-priced Nirma brand in 1969, naming it after his late daughter Nirupama. The good quality and its low price made Nirma a favourite among middle and lower middle-class families. As per Forbes, Patel’s current net worth is estimated to be $2.9 billion. Radhakishan Damani  Courtesy: Forbes Damani is the founder of retailer Avenue Supermarts and has been reported to become India’s second-richest person with a networth of a whopping $17.8 billion. He decided to enter the retail industry in 2002 and set up the first D-Mart store in Mumbai. Damani shot to fame after the success of Avenue Supermart’s IPO. He also holds a stake in other firms such as India Cement. Damani is rather reclusive and rarely gets seen at social gatherings. He is all the more restrained when it comes to funding charity projects or supporting social causes.  Taking inspiration from these personalities, you may even want to start working on building your empire, be it online business or even an offline one. There are different firms that can help you achieve your goals with the right marketing strategy, Nuclay is a fine example. It is so important to remember that hard work is never overrated; if you can dream it, never doubt your ability to achieve it. 

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services That You Must Know About

The Father of Modern Marketing, Philip Kotler once said  “The most important thing is to predict where clients are going and stop right in front of them”. Likewise,  It is important to understand that businesses today are moving from traditional methods to digital marketing services, It is important to know what suits your business, and where your target audience lies. With digital marketing, you reach bigger audiences thus, bigger number of potential clients. Yet, building the right axis around which all your communications revolve, is still the most important aspect. Therefore, we bring to you a comprehensive guide to understand the basics of the most used digital marketing services. This detailed guide will help you build a proper marketing strategy suitable for your business. 1.Social Media Marketing Social media networks are like a cocktail party where all the attendees are dressed and suited up. Assume that you reach the party filled with a lot of people (these are your potential leads). To engage with them, you wouldn’t directly pounce on them and ask them to buy your products. You try to blend in and try to strike up a relevant conversation. You analyze their points and suggest them remedies to get over their problems. That is how you gradually build a rapport and eventually lead them. That is the same way you go about with Social Media Marketing. You slowly build conversations, you gain customer loyalty and then you gain long-term customers.  It is a slow process but an effective one. Popular social media sites include – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.  Built-in analytics tools within the social media channels enable businesses/brands to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. Through social media marketing, businesses will be able to tap into a bigger market. This is very much impossible with traditional marketing. Social media marketing can garner a lot of organic traffic through activities like posting text, images, videos, and other content that drives engagement with the audience, while also promoting the images with paid advertising. (Via GIPHY) There are various tools that can be used to assist your social media campaigns. Tools like Buffer help you schedule your posts in advance and plan your social media calendars. Employing such tools with the digital marketing services for your business helps you conduct marketing efficiently. 2. Search Engine Optimization If you’re taking your business online, even though it is just through the use of digital marketing services, it is a must to have a website. But having a website for the namesake is of no use, unless and until you can direct traffic to it. And this is possible by increasing the rank of your website on the search engines– Google, etc. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO).  Google, the most prominent search engine works through layers of algorithms known as crawlers and spiders. These algorithms are responsible for locating the most relevant results for any search query on Google’s search box. For example, if you search “digital marketing services”, these algorithms will scroll through the internet to locate wherever these keywords have been used, basically web pages, blogs, links, etc. Further, there are more than 400 metrics that define the rank of any particular search on Google’s results page.  (Via GIPHY) By now, it must be clear that if your website is not SEO optimized, it won’t rank higher or might not even rank anywhere on the search results. But how do you optimize your web pages? Locate keywords using the Google Analytics tool that are relevant for your business. For example, for a mobile phone seller, Google would suggest keywords like “buy mobiles online” or “buy smartphone online”, etc. Use these keywords on your web pages in the relevant areas and design your content around them. Google also ranks website according to the confidence created by them. This confidence means the number of times a user visits a website or technically the number of sessions on a website. It is also created with internal and external links associated with the content. You might find websites creating blogs and sharing them on their social media channels. This is done for the same purpose– to enhance the link building process and direct traffic to the website through social media. Greater the number of sessions on a website, the greater the confidence it possesses. The user experience (UX) on your website is a very important aspect that most businesses usually ignore. If your website garners a good average session duration (i.e. average time spent by users on your website), it helps your Google search rank. It must be understood that a user would only spend time on your website if he/she is amused by the look and feel of it. If the information is not relevant or the interface is non-user-friendly, they would hop-off. Thus, decreasing the average session time, in turn, decreasing your Google rank. Therefore, place engaging pieces of content like images, videos, etc, and use animations that amaze the user on scrolling through your website. You can also run paid ads on Google using Google AdSense/ Google AdWords tools. These ads will appear whenever a user searches through the keywords selected for the campaign, by you. Set a definite budget according to your needs and these ad campaigns will help you gain potential customers inorganically. Search engines are the most important way of increasing traffic. Therefore, SEO becomes the soul of digital marketing services. 3. Email Marketing Email is the one way through which you can communicate directly with your customers, rather than calling them directly. It is a peer-to-peer conversation between two people, even though you might be sending it on behalf of an organization. It goes the same way while using emails as a digital marketing service. Businesses tend to inform their customers about product updates, solve their issues, register requests, etc. It is a great means to keep your customers interested in your brand by getting into their inboxes directly.  You can create

2020 Digital marketing trends
Digital Marketing, Trends

Digital marketing trends for 2020

If you are a digital marketer, you must be well aware of Professor Kotler and his idea of “Three Types of Marketing”. While talking about the concept of Marketing 3.0, he said,“Only a few companies work in this instance. Marketing 3.0 means understanding that getting to know the client is much more than finding a person interested in your product”. Today, more and more companies are following this idea – understanding and getting to know the client. With the beginning of a new decade and the influence of machine learning and artificial intelligence on digital marketing services, new doors to greater opportunities are about to open. If you are out-of-date with your marketing skills, you’re limiting your brand’s reach. You may be very well unaware of new digital marketing trends, but your potential customers and your competitors, might know them already. To help you keep up the pace, we have curated the following trends to look out for in 2020. Chatbots – Personal assistance without the need of an actual person. The technological advancements that we are looking at today are breathing new life into Chatbots. They are becoming more powerful and persuasive than the previous years. Chatbots help you create a 1 to 1 interaction with your client, which can surely not be compared with broadcasting messages to customers or showing them an advertisement. Investing in chatbots for digital marketing services would give you a great advantage over your competitors, as leading a trend rather than following it could give you greater results that you become known for. Read – Why consider chatbots for your marketing strategy? Shoppable posts – There is a new term being coined parallel to e-commerce, known as social commerce. It refers to buying products directly from social media posts. These posts were launched by Instagram in 2019 and they’re getting more and more attention. According to a report, at least 54% of users use such posts to research products. Direct Messaging – As a means of increasing sales, brands are using Direct Messages to streamline customer service. The users can directly talk to the brand about the product they are looking for. With messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook, brands are creating more direct connections with their customers. It is a convenient way of forming relationships with customers, addressing complaints or taking orders. This technique works best when a brand encourages its users to message them by providing their handle or username. Sentiment Analysis – It is a part of digital marketing services which analyzes the user’s reactions to a product or service. Mostly, online reviews aren’t totally black-and-white. There’s always an area that you can use to identify what the user wants to convey. Maybe they like a product but aren’t that happy with a particular feature. Maybe the product is okay but it is not what they were expecting. Sentiment analysis uses a lot of data and algorithms to skim through responses and evaluate them. You can use the insights to fine tune your products, create strategies, change your approach and increase your sales. Emails – It is the oldest yet one of the most evolved aspects of digital marketing. Recently, we have seen a swift decline in emails that contain plain-texts. They have been replaced by great designs that look much different from a simple HTML design. Emails could go into 2020 with new features like smart buttons for redirecting them to your purchase pages, and other interactions.  These new email designs don’t just impress your customers, but make them look forward to receiving your mail, keeping them engaged and increasing conversions. It’s worth making sure your emails are engaging and beautiful. Read : Email Marketing : A Beginner’s Guide If you’re looking to upgrade your brand approach with digital marketing services, it is great that you follow the current trends. Want to start today? Contact Us and we would be pleased to help you.

Importance of video content

Importance of video content for online business plan

What is the impact of visual content in a brand’s Inbound Marketing strategy? Should videos be a part of your online business plan or promotions? What is inbound marketing?! If you are new to internet marketing, you probably ask yourself or your digital marketing consultants these questions a lot; and even if you do not understand how it will all work towards sales, you cannot deny feeling that videos are important somehow.  I have been working with startups of all sizes for over a decade now and I can assure you, there is no inbound marketing strategy without visual content. There is no such thing! And there is a science to it. According to the Learning Pyramid, it takes just 3 days to lose 90% of the information we have read. Adding audio -visual content to your content can double the retention rate for your audience. It all goes to show that our memory potential is much stronger for visuals.  So what are the most effective types of visual content, and how do they fit into your online business plan? Video is a simple way to communicate Video allows you to communicate in a simple way and above all to transmit your messages without interference. Today, there are several ways to design a video, but it must be said that storytelling is much easier to remember for internet users.  Video attracts attention It is interesting to note that Google has 90% of all web search volume, winner by a wide margin, followed by YouTube. By using video in your content marketing strategy, you will inevitably attract the attention of your users browsing online- they are very fond of quality content. By adding video to your various communication media, you will increase brand visibility on the web. Indeed, a video is much more likely to appear in Google search results. In recent years, there have been 3 types of SEO on the Google search engine: natural SEO, video SEO and paid SEO. To get the best results, you will need to combine these different elements.  Videos boost your influence on social networks Social networks have been essential in the content marketing strategy for over a decade and with 3.484 billion active users in the world in 2019, it will continue to be a major influencer. It is therefore important to have a presence, if only through a page on these networks where people live, eat, shop and connect on a daily basis. By using video, you will be able to attract a little more attention from users on social networks. Brands need to figure out how they can offer value and drive the conversation. 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem, can that be your area of expertise?  With a little awareness and experiment, you might be able to figure out what works best for you. The goal is to explain your activity, your products, your approach, etc. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are your mediums. Posts with video have 48% more views on social channels, that’s a much higher engagement number when compared with brand videos placed on a website!  Do you want to get started with videos? Make sure you ensure the quality of it. Pay attention to the background, the image and the sound; they must be impeccable in order to please your viewers. This will provide you with essential support for your content marketing strategy which guarantees quality traffic. By quality traffic, we mean people who are really interested in your products and services. Bonus tips! for a successful video – create a branded editorial byline, linking back to your own site  – be concise: Great videos are under a minute.  – take care of the quality: The more beautiful your images, neat graphic design, the greater your chances of maintaining attention. – or give us a call. We are a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon specializing in content and web design services and would love to get your started. 

tips to create best marketing strategy
Digital Marketing

6 powerful tips to create the best marketing strategies for growth

The development of a successful marketing strategy is first and foremost the full understanding of all issues. The art of marketing is the convergence of all tools and operations to a single point, that of the axis of communication of your business! Here are 6 truths about what is involved in developing the best marketing strategies to conquer your market. 1. Branding, branding, branding! Branding is the first investment a new business should make to conquer the market. A professional and well-established brand image for your company or product and already 50% of the marketing work is done. Branding is, on the one hand, often confused with expensive ads and hiring a brand ambassador on one end or just slapping a logo on the website on the other.  Successful marketers understand that branding is who you are as a company, your mission and values. Best marketing strategies work because there is no disconnect between what the brand preaches to be and what the actual experience is for a user who interacts with the brand.  When we talk about your brand, we designate an environment that transcends words by its power. This power will be felt through your logo, your colors, your slogan, your interior decor and any other element of communication.  2. Opt for an organized marketing department At first glance, the marketing direction is simple: we are at point A and we must go to point B. Now, how do you go about it? This is where we enter the territory of the marketing expert. For us, it’s as basic as planning your route on a trip with the costs, the hotels, the unexpected. An axis of communication is not only having a website and placing advertising. We are talking about the positioning of your business in the market that will lead to increased business performance through an organized marketing strategy. Strategic development recommends three basic segments: a defined identity, a specific line of communication, and a well-planned and well-managed marketing strategy. 3. Technologies, yes but … The technological world is constantly evolving. I would not recommend that your try and keep up with the every cutting edge technology or trend because, although perhaps conceivable, it does not guarantee the success of your campaign and it could become expensive given the speed of its evolution. However, I recommend that you have an eye open for new technologies that appear on the market regularly over the course of a year. See what works best with your plan.  4. Think “MOBILE” Even the best marketing strategies are not complete without mobile. You are from the generation of laptops, a 10-year-old is from the generation of handheld computers. Since 2008, the entry of smartphones on the market has given a whole new direction to the future and forced companies to completely revise the concept of internet broadcasting. The optimized display of your site on tablet and mobile versions is now a must! Consumers use their mobile devices to research and will often end up shopping online on their computers. Thus, brands must provide more comprehensive, more relevant, better targeted information to encourage consumers to buy directly on smartphones or tablets.   5. Think “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” Today, the customer experience is more than just a customer service concept; it is the overarching goal toward which all elements of a marketing strategy converge. The trendy company is now focused on transforming the buying process into a fun and enjoyable experience. With more and more consumers demanding consistent experiences across all channels and devices, it’s critical to understand the buying journey to optimize the end-to-end customer experience. 6. Target your audience Today, marketing is mainly done on the Web. Having developed a well-adapted brand beforehand, the broadcast (or advertising) will take various forms including through a campaign of keywords (like with Google Ads), retargeting by graphic banners, sending newsletters, development of community on social media, social media campaigns and others. This will be complemented by radio / TV campaigns and advertising in different print editions, all perfectly orchestrated in time and the media. The important thing is to coordinate a targeted and orderly marketing, which requires professional and experienced expertise. Do you know the actual performance of your site currently?


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