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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a combination of strategy

Salesforce for nonprofit fundraising?

Why consider Salesforce for nonprofit fundraising?

It is not just businesses but also nonprofits who are grappling to manage a huge amount of data. For nonprofits and charities, these data are related to funds, finance and donors; campaign execution; and overall operations. If that wasn’t enough, small nonprofits have to compete with charity and fundraising organizations that have a much larger budget.  In this ever-growing technical age, large nonprofits have the leverage to procure expensive tools and software. This leaves small and medium-sized nonprofits with no other option other than to opt for software that can better manage operations and campaigns.  Switch to a CRM Do away with your traditional method and switch to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for better handling of funds, reports, marketing, and events. But nonprofits – with a limited budget- cannot afford to purchase a full-fledged CRM. That assumption is waning as Salesforce stepped in and introduced scalable solutions for nonprofits at a very little cost. The attribute of salesforce to help empower multinational NGOs, foundations and social welfare organizations without taking a toll on their budget, makes it the best CRM for nonprofits.  Salesforce reckons that technology has the capability to change the world when used for good. They do so by empowering nonprofits through solutions that provide insights through cloud computing technologies and thus help optimize fundraising.  Transforming nonprofit domain with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is tailor-made for nonprofits and charities to manage campaigns, donations, donors and, volunteers more efficiently. NPSP is specifically designed for the needs of nonprofits such as managing households, leads, reports and more You may extend the capabilities of NPSP through salesforce integrations with the umpteen number of apps that are available on the Salesforce AppExchange.  The “Power of Us” Program You must be familiar with various donations. Technology donations shall be something new for you.  Salesforce, with a mission of empowering nonprofits, provides its technology in the form of 10 Enterprise Edition CRM Lightning subscriptions at no cost at all. Salesforce loves to call this the “Power of Us” program.  Along with the 10 free subscriptions, under the Power of Us program, nonprofits also receive deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, services, training, and events. This is otherwise a $20,000 per year program that nonprofits get for free. The NPSP and Power of Us program are some of the continuing efforts by salesforce to build a better future with technology. These programs by Salesforce are loaded with dozens of features that can be tailored to meet nonprofit needs. Leverage this opportunity and boost your fundraising.

A beginner’s guide to CRM
CRM, Information

What is Customer Relationship Management? A beginner’s guide to CRM

Imagine, your business a couple of years down the line after you have established your startup. You probably had a few customers or clients back then, but now the numbers are snowballing. Apart from grappling with your core business, funding and workforce, you must be finding yourself entangled in an indefinite thread of numbers. You can abide by the adage “many hands make light work” and can pitch in several people to get your data in the right shape or you may consider the smart way of doing it – Customer Relationship Management. As a growing business, chances are slim that you haven’t heard of a CRM but chances are high that you aren’t familiar with one. CRM, as you might think, isn’t that complex to understand.  A handful of customers isn’t difficult to manage and interact with. At an early stage, you might probably be keeping track of your existing customers manually. Things for the management team take a turn when the business starts flourishing and customers begin to proliferate. Concerns mushroom on how to manage and analyze customer data and interactions in a robust and efficient way. An evolved lead management software over the existing, obsolete ones was the need.  So, what is CRM? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a combination of strategy, software, and practices to help businesses improve relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. A CRM will keep you plugged into everything – customer management, sales management, vendor and supplier management, and more.  The CRM software CRM software is conventionally used as lead management software and as a sales and marketing tool to better manage customer data and hence increase profitability. It brings the entire previous history of a customer, current interaction and outstanding issues all into one cohesive unit. Data flows from across departments – sales, customer service, and marketing. Translate these data into useful business information with CRM software. To summarize, a CRM software is designed primarily for interaction between an organization’s marketing team, sales force, and customers. It allows you to:- consolidate data from across the departments and that of customers manage and analyze the data foster personalized and meaningful interactions with your customers This eventually helps you achieve the goal of retaining and enhancing the relationship with existing customers and acquire new ones. Hence CRM not only increases sales but also helps improve customer retention.


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