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Salesforce Development Services

Why consider Salesforce Development Services for your Business

Before you learn why you need Salesforce for your business, you must understand what Salesforce as a platform brings to you.  A good online business consultant would always advise you to optimize your daily schedules and prioritize your tasks to make sure customers are not ignored, and prospects are kept in track.  Also, you need to make your sales department spend more time with customers so that they close more deals and build you a stronger customer base. All this work can be very efficiently optimized with the use of a CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) software.  You must know that Salesforce is currently the best CRM software out there. It helps your business grow into a more streamlined, effective and efficient organization across all bases. It has been on the market since the late 90s and has evolved into one of the most innovative and comprehensive CRM solutions, capable of addressing all of your business needs. With its growth, there are numerous agencies that have started to provide Salesforce consulting services or Salesforce development services to help businesses grow. If you have been hearing about all the talks around Salesforce or even if you haven’t ever heard about it, here is why Salesforce needs your attention: 1. Usability A Salesforce consultant would surely tell you that it is as easy to use as the websites you visit every day. Just create an account and login from anywhere, collaborate with your colleagues and make use of customer data whenever you want. This is one of the primary reasons why people are starting to adopt Salesforce so much. For your Sales Reps, Salesforce development services would enhance their account access, contacts, opportunities and tasks, all from a single dashboard. It will help them analyze better and make decisions faster. Moreover, it is very easy to navigate between different modules and work cordially with your colleagues. 2. Customizability The default Salesforce platform itself comes with a wide variety of features. Most businesses could make use of them and meet all their CRM needs. However, while implementing advanced Salesforce development services for your business,, the Admin can make point-and-click alterations via the builder to configure the solution as per your business process. Whether you add modules or fields, create sale processes or change workflows, it’s all just a click away.  3. Cloud-Based The first cloud-based CRM and the Platform as a Service ( PaaS) market with, was launched by Salesforce, with the idea to support the complex real-world business models. It has no capital expenses involved, however, you might have to pay to acquire different licenses while using the software Salesforce’s Sales Cloud has four Editions – SalesforceIQ Starter, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited – starting from $25 to $300, billed annually for per user/month. Their Enterprise Edition is priced at around $150/user/month (billed annually) and currently holds the maximum number of subscribers. Salesforce has mastered a secure and sophisticated cloud infrastructure and offers amazing cloud solutions for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Analytics. 4.Advanced Reporting With Salesforce, your Sales Reps can create their own customized reports to see the accounts they haven’t worked on for a while, or the potential present in the pipeline, the products they have sold, the activities performed and tasks completed as well as enable contract management. These reports and dashboards would help them greatly in measuring their own performance. These reports also help map critical data via graphical formats. These are a powerful suite of reporting tools which help save your time, money and focus your attention on the much crucial aspects of your business. 5. Increased Scalability When you are opting for a CRM, you are not not just focusing on the present, but are bringing in a solution that would cover your business needs for a long time in the future. Salesforce is highly scalable and the customizability it offers helps modify and adapt to all future specifications. All Salesforce users use the same infrastructure and instance of the software. Therefore, if you implement Salesforce development services, it will allow for automatic and simultaneous updates for all the users on the platform while keeping their data secure. This means you get the latest features with automatic, seamless upgrades three times a year. 6. Integrations The Salesforce platform is a robust and a well-documented open API. This enables you to virtually make any integration possible. It also helps you map your business processes onto Salesforce more efficiently. 7. AppExchange The Salesforce community acknowledges that there are other applications which can be used to improve your customer engagement. Thus, it introduced the Salesforce marketplace called the AppExchange. This is a business app store with over 2800 apps (free + paid), that include Salesforce integrations with MailChimp, Xero, Quickbooks, DocuSign, AdobeSign, etc. for small and enterprise businesses, all in one platform.  With Lightning App Builder, Salesforce customers or partners can build/customize an application or page by themselves. 8. Mobile CRM Salesforce development services come with a great advantage, that it is one of the earliest CRMs to go mobile. Now even if you are out of your office or going on vacations, you can utilize the full potential of Salesforce from your mobile phone. 9. Diverse Community The types of business using Salesforce is so large and so diverse. Moreover, it doesn’t just help you make much more profit but also helps you realize the purpose of your venture. With the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, Salesforce is giving back to the society as nonprofits can streamline their operations with it at a much lower cost. Moreover, with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Salesforce brings a  flexible, open data architecture and pre-built constituent and donor management components for nonprofits across the world.  10. Salesforce is the hot topic in the IT industry today. Go with it and experience it yourself. Salesforce lets you efficiently put in place different functions of your business so you can achieve customer success. You can sell, service, market, know your customers, and

Best Customer Engagement Strategies
Digital Marketing

Best Customer Engagement Strategies to Boost Brand’s Growth

We are all aware of the competitiveness in the business industry that comes with this era. One of the key solutions in order to stay on top of the game is promoting and sustaining engagement among the audience. Creating and adopting digital solutions are a great way to go about it; it only strengthens the foothold of your brand or organization in the industry. Customer engagement is all about building an intense bond with your customer so that brand awareness and customer loyalty stem out of it. This can be achieved through marketing campaigns on social media, updated and new content on the website, email marketing campaigns and responsive CTA buttons on your site. This will persuade users to spend more of their time on the website to obtain pieces of information such as ebooks and subscriptions. Personalized content There will be an increase at the rate in which your audience engages with your brand, once you start creating personalized content on your website. This will help you present your brand as one with a personality, people like the feeling of talking to a human being rather than just another brand. The chat box for instance can be personalized, encouraging visitors to engage and converse.  Personalized direct communication First you begin with content on your website, then you focus on one to one communication with your customers. An ideal way to uplift a brand is to strike a personal communication with your customer, this will make the customer more attentive towards you and what your brand wants to convey. An automated email to your customers is a perfect idea; this will be based on actions such as anniversary, birthdays, promotional offers, sign-ups and the like. A purchase recommendation based on their interests will definitely help you gain the attention and trust of your target audience. A lot of companies also send questionnaires aimed at understanding their customers better; questions may attempt to find out where the customers generally shop and what style is their favourite.  The Barter system By this, we only and simply mean that there should be a reward for any action that your audience takes at your brand’s behest. The concept of Barter system plays an extremely important role in this strategy. When a request is made to your customer to share a feedback or leave a review based on your services or product, offer something in return. This can be in the form of a discount, coupon or a special offer. This will create an engaging relation, that can in turn lead to more involvement of your customer in the future.  Blend with social media A lot of social media apps are mobile friendly, this makes it all the more necessary to be present on social media and share your story. Digital solutions do not have to be expensive all the time, it can also mean making do with what is already available. You can create social media stories using testimonials from clients. You can also post videos where your customer talks about the service that you’ve provided. For instance, there is IGTV on instagram that you can make use of. These kinds of social media activities will increase your brand presence, its popularity and will also help you in earning appreciation for your good work done. You can also reach out to influencers and request them to review your products in exchange for goodies. There are just so many activities that can be done on social media. Analytics system Technology today has given birth to an affordable analytics system that has made the customer’s engagement with the service or product, more accessible. An analytical system provides more visibility of the customer interaction with the product and services. The system also enables your organization to gather data, the data thein is used to prepare the required report to identify and analyze the loopholes and performance of the campaigns. By using an analytics report, you can evaluate where you are lacking and succeeding. It shows you where you need to pay more attention in order to drive better customer engagement. The rules of running a brand doesn’t stop at customer engagement, it also involves other plans and digital solutions that will keep your brand thriving. For digital marketing campaigns that work, you can always reach out to Nuclay here. 

Nuclay -Best iPhone App Development Company
App Development

What Makes Nuclay the Best iPhone App Development Company?

The number of iPhone users has boomed and so has the need for businesses to find a good iPhone app development company. People are often consumed in looking for the right platform to launch their applications. However, Nuclay’s expertise in iPhone app development services can rescue you the time to do what you do best, and leave you digital needs to us. The next decade is upon us and we can expect a great technological revolution coming up for iPhone users. Because of an inheritance from Apple, there is always a significant amount of anticipation for something brilliant from iPhones. Moreover, iPhone users spend way more money on apps than any other mobile platforms. That is why Apple makes sure to put up only the most amazing applications on its App Store, after rigorous testing of an application’s performance. To judge if any company is reliable to build an app for you, you must figure out if they would be able to deliver the promises on time and if the cost incurred is justifiable. How can Nuclay make your business profitable? Profitable StrategyAs an iPhone app development company, we use a large library of tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs). Our efforts are greatly backed by experts, thus decreasing the development effort and decreasing costs significantly. With us, you can concentrate your money more on functioning your business rather than fuelling a mobile app. Affirmed SecurityAn iPhone app development company must know how to build secure interfaces. Even though iOS itself is programmed with a lot of protection against malwares and viruses, it is advisable to choose a company that knows its way around iPhone security. Intuitive DesignWe at Nuclay have always been keen at designing the best creatives for all our services, whether it comes to iPhone app development, web designing or even our digital marketing services. We are a one-stop destination if you are looking for a rich and intuitive design for your business app. Our designing experts are well-experienced with software pertaining to video, graphic or image editing. Moreover, we have always looked towards upscaling our game, thus we inculcated augmented reality services to fine tune your customer experience and give an even real-life look to your business app. Timing and Market OptimizationOur experts work on SDKs and readily available tools. Our approach to app development is faster, due to which the time to launch the app in the market is reduced exponentially. Moreover, we look forward to implementing the latest and rarest technologies for our clients. Our collaboration with VIRTU and the development of the Nuclay app helped us better the user experience. A Plethora of Resources An iPhone app development company must always be fulfilled with resources that would help them handle any kind of projects with the right skillset. Our iOS developers are well trained in Networking (Data handling from server), Database management (Realm,Core-data), third-party SDK integration, iOS libraries integration and experienced in the development of  GPS based apps. Not just that, but we look forward to supporting our clients even after the project has been successfully deployed. With our app development services, we provide support services and address any maintenance or bug fixes, if at all.  Nuclay Solutions, as an iPhone app development company can help in creating highly scalable apps for your business. With the right inspiration from our clients, we are always motivated to build apps that help you scale your business to amazing heights. 

Salesforce’s CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Lets Compare

Salesforce’s CRM vs Microsoft Dynamics 365: Let’s compare

The most crucial aspect of your business is your customers. If they are not satisfied, eventually your business is going to suffer. That’s one reason, today, businesses are adopting customer relationship management (CRM) software into their business strategy.  Given the importance of CRM, today hundreds are available in the market and another hundred is flourishing – Salesforce’s CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Hubspot CRM to name a few. Call it a boon that you have many an option to select from or call it a bane that these numbers are paralyzing your decision of selecting the best. Hang on! We are here to help you. Let’s compare We won’t be taking you through a number of CRMs. We are here to help you decide between Salesforce’s CRM and Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM – the two long-standing rivals of the industry. Both platforms offer a robust CRM thus increasing the sales and serving their customers/clients even better. In the battle between Salesforceand Microsoft Dynamics, third-party integrations and add-on options make Salesforce’s CRM apt for large and evolving businesses. Since the past 20 years, Salesforce has managed to build a $13 billion company largely on its CRM application based on cloud. Salesforce expects these numbers to climb to $16 billion in the coming year. Our verdict! Even though Salesforce is the number 1 CRM today, embracing and adapting to the system is a struggle, especially for a small business. Getting it implemented and boarding a team having hands-on experience might be one big task, but once done no other CRM can beat the powerful and robust Salesforce’s CRM. The other facade of the story is that a large number of businesses still thrive on Microsoft Outlook and for them transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 seems to be far easy. If you are a large business and planning for an expansion, go for Salesforce’s CRM. If you are a small business, still having a hold on Microsoft outlook and heavily relies on Microsoft products and looking for a CRM then Dynamics is your answer! Looking for a Salesforce certification training course? You have reached the bottom of the article. Well, it should be that you are interested in Salesforce! And if you are looking for Salesforce Administrator and PDI certification training sections, you have landed at the right place. Our course curriculum not only discuses the concepts but provides live training sessions so that you put your knowledge into action.

Web Design Company
Website Design

5 proven ways to get more clients for your Web Design Company

The total number of internet users crossed 3.50 billion in 2018, this has also increased the potential of an online business that is looking to expand and flourish. Even for businesses that haven’t been able to come up with their own website, most of them will find more deals once they come online. In order to set up a website, a lot of brands need a web design company and undoubtedly, there is high competition among different companies to get more clients on board. As a business owner, getting more projects to work on is a big necessity for the smooth functioning of the company. With this article, we would like to introduce 5 simple ways in which you can get more attention and of course, clients.  Curate meaningful content  Content is king in the digital front of advertising. Be unique in your approach to representation; attractive, insightful and engaging are the words you will have to remember. A well written article or piece will help you bring about a positive image for your brand. At the same time, your content doesn’t necessarily have to be textual, you can create infographic, videos, newsletters and sample templates around the positioning of your brand.  SEO and Adwords are important Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help you get to the coveted first page ranking on Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). Nobody has the patience and time to go beyond the first page of the search results, therefore a second page ranking may not get you much of what you want and need. Having an in-house SEO Analyst is a good idea if you do have the budget to hire an SEO Agency. In this way, you can also present yourself as a web design company that can also offer SEO services.  AdWords are also an option if you do not have time to invest on SEO. There are leading search engines like Google and Bing that offer this service. It works by allowing your ads to feature prominently on top of the search results, all you have to do is pay for a click on the link.  Get listed in the web solutions catalogue In order to bring about more business growth,  your brand needs to be more visible and your services will have to be showcased on a more engaging platform. There are platforms like Template Monster where you can be easily present. Your company’s presence on the web studio catalogue will enable you to show your skills that are waiting to find the kind of service and tools that you offer. This is undoubtedly a wonderful opportunity to improve your base with relevant and quality clients. All you have to do is pass a small test before you actually get listed and also provide a few basic information.  Social media is key It’s not just models that get scouted through social media, your company can too. There are networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram that have a big network of people that interact on the interest topics that are common to them; they are groups and pages you can join and start your networking. Not just that, these sites also have options to run ads as a business with specific targeting of audience. You can also look for profiles of big potential clients and approach them by interacting with them directly. Your website represents your brand If you are offering to create and maintain a website for a company, it is your website that is going to give the first impression. Be careful about the fonts and colours that you use, be precise with your presentation and be creative with the graphics that you showcase on your website. Make sure that you optimize your site so that it shows up on the SERPs and contribute to other websites so that people know that you are good at what you do, focus on earning their trust first. These are the few ways that, if executed sincerely, will help you get more clients for your company. Some techniques will help you instantly while a few will take some time to show results. Trying several of them together will up your chances of getting the break your deserve. For the best website design company in Delhi NCR, please feel free to reach out to us. Keep up with trends and keep working at it. 


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