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Best Customer Engagement Strategies
Digital Marketing

Best Customer Engagement Strategies to Boost Brand’s Growth

We are all aware of the competitiveness in the business industry that comes with this era. One of the key solutions in order to stay on top of the game is promoting and sustaining engagement among the audience. Creating and adopting digital solutions are a great way to go about it; it only strengthens the foothold of your brand or organization in the industry. Customer engagement is all about building an intense bond with your customer so that brand awareness and customer loyalty stem out of it. This can be achieved through marketing campaigns on social media, updated and new content on the website, email marketing campaigns and responsive CTA buttons on your site. This will persuade users to spend more of their time on the website to obtain pieces of information such as ebooks and subscriptions. Personalized content There will be an increase at the rate in which your audience engages with your brand, once you start creating personalized content on your website. This will help you present your brand as one with a personality, people like the feeling of talking to a human being rather than just another brand. The chat box for instance can be personalized, encouraging visitors to engage and converse.  Personalized direct communication First you begin with content on your website, then you focus on one to one communication with your customers. An ideal way to uplift a brand is to strike a personal communication with your customer, this will make the customer more attentive towards you and what your brand wants to convey. An automated email to your customers is a perfect idea; this will be based on actions such as anniversary, birthdays, promotional offers, sign-ups and the like. A purchase recommendation based on their interests will definitely help you gain the attention and trust of your target audience. A lot of companies also send questionnaires aimed at understanding their customers better; questions may attempt to find out where the customers generally shop and what style is their favourite.  The Barter system By this, we only and simply mean that there should be a reward for any action that your audience takes at your brand’s behest. The concept of Barter system plays an extremely important role in this strategy. When a request is made to your customer to share a feedback or leave a review based on your services or product, offer something in return. This can be in the form of a discount, coupon or a special offer. This will create an engaging relation, that can in turn lead to more involvement of your customer in the future.  Blend with social media A lot of social media apps are mobile friendly, this makes it all the more necessary to be present on social media and share your story. Digital solutions do not have to be expensive all the time, it can also mean making do with what is already available. You can create social media stories using testimonials from clients. You can also post videos where your customer talks about the service that you’ve provided. For instance, there is IGTV on instagram that you can make use of. These kinds of social media activities will increase your brand presence, its popularity and will also help you in earning appreciation for your good work done. You can also reach out to influencers and request them to review your products in exchange for goodies. There are just so many activities that can be done on social media. Analytics system Technology today has given birth to an affordable analytics system that has made the customer’s engagement with the service or product, more accessible. An analytical system provides more visibility of the customer interaction with the product and services. The system also enables your organization to gather data, the data thein is used to prepare the required report to identify and analyze the loopholes and performance of the campaigns. By using an analytics report, you can evaluate where you are lacking and succeeding. It shows you where you need to pay more attention in order to drive better customer engagement. The rules of running a brand doesn’t stop at customer engagement, it also involves other plans and digital solutions that will keep your brand thriving. For digital marketing campaigns that work, you can always reach out to Nuclay here. 

The importance of a Brand Identity
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Grow your business: The importance of a brand identity

Branding your organization is one of the first steps to expand and grow your business. In order to market your company to success, it is very important to know the huge role that branding plays in the process. Be it a large or small business, retail or even B2B, the right branding strategy will give you an edge to rise in the super competitive market. In simplest of words, your brand is a promise that you’re making to your customers. When you create an identity, you’re basically putting your brand values to any visually visible element that will be used to promote your brand. It is largely a part of marketing, that is why there is so much more to it than just the company’s logo. It may involve a variety of things from websites, business cards and stationary to print materials like brochures, reports and flyers.  A company begins its branding with creating visual identity that sits in alignment with the organization’s vision, it must also project the kind of target audience that is in focus. Online reputation is then monitored, asking happy customers to give reviews on Google and other sites. Expanding the brand’s visibility through networking on social networks and building relationships is paramount to brand building. Treating customers the way you would want to be treated by an organization is a value that your company should abide by; tend to customers in a way that sets you apart. In this article, we have listed out the few reasons as to why branding is such a vital exercise.  Personality A brand without a personality to channel is just as useless as a person without a good personality; it won’t attract people. Identity design is an activity that essentially provides the tone of your brand and it can be utilized to evoke certain specific feelings and emotions in your audience. An identity for your brand must be designed to convey your company’s positioning and core message. It must promote your business goals. Loyalty and trust Setting your business apart from your competitors would require you to be unique in the marketplace. This is where knowing your target audience becomes important. When you build and emotional connect with your audience by sharing the same values, it will attract them to your business. This has the potential of developing into a long term relationship, which can in turn lead to more trust and loyalty. Awareness Branding will help you spread word about your business. For example, the first brand that comes to mind when one says “search engine” is Google. This is a result of awareness, top of the mind recall is generated by the awareness that is fueled by branding. If your brand is featured in more places, the more people will see it and make contact.  Consistency Having and building a brand identity helps in maintaining a huge amount of consistency. It gives you a basic guideline, in terms of running the business and its presentation. It enables you to create a consistent message across all marketing platforms, it is also easier for the audience to identify and notice your brand. It helps you give the message that you are here to stay. If you are a company that wishes to grow your business into a brand that people will always remember, you will first have to focus majorly on building your brand identity. There are different agencies like Nuclay that can help you achieve that goal. Strategies alone are not enough, excellent execution and commitment to goals are a prerequisite as well. 

Content Writing Services Types

5 Types of Content Writing Services For Your Business

A popular belief both in the world of online marketing and search engine optimization, content does continue to be king. Good content is a necessity in order to grow your business, rank well on the internet and maintain your online presence. The focus of this article is on content writing and how different kinds of the same activity can be useful for your business. A good content writer does not only write, but engages the readers and sparks more curiosity in them. The topic of an article can range from food to fashion, tech to travel and other sorts of businesses. The right identification of target audience is great, but being able to strike a conversation with those right audience is an excellent thing to do. The job of a content writer is to create the right connection through the most relevant words and sentences. For example, if you run a business in Delhi and you wish to have good visibility online, then you should look for a content writing company in Delhi. Let us take a look at the several kinds of content and when to go for which. Press release An announcement is the first thing that comes to mind when we say press release. This is most likely the most popular way of making your presence known to web users. In the olden days, press releases used to be sent to radio stations and newspaper offices. But today, there are e-press releases that do not require so much effort and follow up. Many brands use these platforms to gain more audience. A press release can also contain product pitches. Technical writer This is the kind of writing that requires one to have intense interest in the topic; it sure isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. The content can be about computers, science, technology or even sports. This requires skills and deep knowledge, the main idea is to provide technical and detailed information to the readers. The presentation of this has to be done in a way that would not bore the audience, that is why it is ideal to hire from a reputed content writing company. Guest Posting Here is a process that not only improves a brand’s networking, but also helps in the rise of the brand’s visibility. Your brand can reach out to another platform and propose to write an expert article on a topic to be published on their website, this piece of course would go bearing your name. You in turn do the same for them, this will help you establish yourself as an industry leader. Guest posting includes getting backlinks for your business, on someone else’s website. The credit of the guest post goes to the writer and it will include your brand name along with a link to your website. This is a good way to generate high quality backlinks for your business.  SEO article writer As we have mentioned in our introduction, good content is essential to increase search engine traffic. Unique and fresh are the two main considerations of Google for any website ranking. Keywords are a major part of SEO writing, it is all about placing the keywords strategically in between the sentences for the engine to find it. SEO writers know great depth about search engine optimization and content marketing. Ghostwriting Imagine a person so skilled at his writing that his articles and words become the voice of your brand. Ghostwriters write important pieces on behalf of the business and even the CEO, they fill the spaces where the brand fails to find bandwidth or even motivation. A ghostwriter would be best for e-books, website copies and even though leadership articles. The writer will be paid for his work but the credit in public wouldn’t go to him. It is important to make sure that your articles and copies are free of grammatical errors as these written pieces will stand bearing your name. Finding a good content writing company has also been made easier with social media interest groups; you can simply post your requirement and your inbox will be flooded with options to choose from.

Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness
Public Relations

Ways to Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

“Brand” is a term that is very commonly used by business owners and professionals. It is a word that has a big and important standing in the world of business and dealings. The nature of the business can be anything from soda manufacturing to professional services like digital marketing, the brand implies to the first thought that comes to one’s mind when a name is mentioned. The imagery, emotions and perception that a person connects a business to, is all planned. For example, KFC has its tagline as ”It’s finger lickin’ good”. This did not come up randomly, it has been thought out, planned, reviewed and finalized. This tagline was intentionally chosen to focus on the taste and how it is just one of the best. Logo colours too, among many other factors, contribute to building a brand. Any business would want to portray their brand as approachable and trustworthy, that is why brand visibility and building requires experts and strategies. Nuclay brings you those strategies in this article, read on to learn more. Social media is important Your business should have a social media handle from which you can share content; this can be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can even join common interest groups on these platforms, start a conversation and engage people. You can even find potential clients and pursue an opportunity. Using relevant hashtags and sharing meaningful content will help you establish yourself as a thought leader. Maintaining a blog When you create a blog post, the article has to be keyword optimized. This will help in showcasing your blog in the search results. You can keep reinforcing yourself by raising and discussing issues that your clients may face and offer solutions to the same. Guest blogging is another great method to earn brand visibility, write about the topics that you have expertise in and let more people know of your brand. Linking these articles back to your website is also a healthy practise. Optimization of website It isn’t enough to optimize your blog alone. Optimizing your website for keywords will help in bringing your business and target clients together. Identify the types of terms that your audience is likely to use, use those keywords within the headers and copy of your web pages to bring in more visitors. Be quick and diligent with your follow up process. Reputation management Your goal is to make people become aware of your brand, but it is only worth it if the brand in focus is one with a good reputation. Putting yourself accessible to everyone online has many perks and benefits, but it also has its own risks. So it is advisable to have a reputation management plan in terms of CSR campaigns, conferences, etc. Also, it is never a bad idea to have a crisis management plan in place. Partnerships We discussed the importance of being active on social media earlier, the same platform can help you find other businesses to collaborate with. For example, if your business is about selling plants, seeds and saplings, you can organize a giveaway or a contest in partnership with a brand that deals in living and decor. This way, there is a two way promotion that is beneficial to both parties. Modern network and technology has made the world a smaller place, try to get the most from it. Paid ads Tools like Google ads come into the picture when we talk about paid advertisement. When somebody enters a search pertaining to your service or product, it is your brand that should popped up at the top most results. This activity is best for a short term campaign, especially for new or rebranded businesses. You can keep a check on your budget by carefully selecting your ad copies. Through it all, the best way to up your brand visibility is to stay relevant, do your research and be aware of the industry you’re in. In case you need assistance with your business, allow us to help you by reaching out to us here. 


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