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Summary: This blog guides entrepreneurs on the benefits of choosing Salesforce in their business. It will help them see the remarkable effects of Salesforce and choose the CRM for their daily business. Nuclay provides professional services to help transition as smoothly as possible.

Every good business owner tells you that having a stable customer base is the key to business success. Salesforce is an ideal cloud computing platform for businesses to merge their data in one platform and make it available to their employees on the go. When you work with Salesforce, you’ll never miss a lead.

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With Salesforce, you can masterfully coordinate every piece of communication your business has, as well as streamline your operations, automate your processes and standardize your reporting. So not yet convinced? Do you need more proof? This blog contains all the information you need to start using Salesforce in your organization. Continue reading to find out more.

Table of Contents

  • What is Salesforce and Why Is It Used?
  • What is Salesforce Famous For?
  • Some Facts and Numbers
  • Breakdown of the Main Salesforce Features
  • What Exactly Does Salesforce Do?
  • Business Benefits of Using Salesforce
  • Some Statistics to Prove The Influence of Salesforce on Business
  • Conclusion

What is Salesforce and Why Is It Used?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management application that combines the power of social media, a leading customer service platform, and a suite of other connected apps into a single platform to help businesses thrive in today’s mobile world.


Salesforce is increasingly becoming a critical component for modern organizations. It provides a holistic range of features like customer relationship management, sales automation, lead management and marketing automation. Many companies leverage the platform to enhance alignment between agencies, leads and sales teams as well as improve daily operations and customer satisfaction.

What is Salesforce Famous For?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company having headquarters in California, United States. Salesforce specializes in creating Software-as-a-Service(SAAS) applications and has become popular because of its wide range of customer relationship management (CRM) services.

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It is also a customer service platform and the world’s #1 CRM empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. From individual contributors to global enterprises, Salesforce adds unmatched value. Their cloud-based service helps companies of all sizes sell, service, market and collaborate more easily and efficiently.

Let us look into some statistics before we proceed to the next sections.

Some Facts and Numbers

Here are some figures that will help you see the benefits of Salesforce and its advantage in the present economy:

  • According to Statista, Salesforce has reached a record high value of annual revenue this year. The total reached 21.25 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. The most profitable section was subscriptions and support contributing the most to the company’s continued sales boom.
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  • According to a study by IDC, Salesforce overtook Microsoft and became the market leader in the global public cloud SaaS market. It has over 7.8% of the total market share in 2020 and is still growing.
  • According to research by, the company is a leading vendor in the customer relationship management (CRM) applications market worldwide. It has a market share of 19.8% in 2020. They are a leap ahead of other competitors, like Oracle and SAP.
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  • According to Salesforce, over 150,000 customers are using Salesforce for their daily business. The company has over 36,000 employees working full time as recorded in the year 2019.
  • According to Statista, Salesforce is one of the top 10 software and programming companies worldwide.
  • According to Gartner Reprint, Salesforce is the leading company in automation for the year 2020. This makes Salesforce the leader in the magic quadrant for the 14th consecutive year.

What Exactly Does Salesforce Do?

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud: Salesforce Sales Cloud is a relationship management platform driving dramatic and immediate results for companies across all industries and sizes. It offers the best of sales services automation, analytics, social, mobile, and cloud to help companies connect with their customers in a whole new way.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: It is a set of services and tools helping marketers capitalize on digital marketing with additional levels of intelligence and automation. Salesforce brings together the data, teams and tools to deliver magical customer experiences through email, social, mobile, advertising and more.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud: It is a cloud computing platform for service organizations. It helps companies deliver extraordinary customer service via smarter tracking, faster issue resolution, and more informed insights. Driven by a ferocious focus on customers, it delivers the most powerful platform for intelligent service automation, personalization, escalation management, and more.
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Salesforce Service Cloud is a leading customer service management software solution used by companies. It provides superior customer service across all channels, including voice and social media, email and self-service tools.

  • Salesforce Community Cloud: The Salesforce community cloud allows you to reach out to your real-world contacts on a new level. It allows you to collaborate with them and innovate for growth. The Salesforce community cloud is on a mission to help people everywhere work better.
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud: Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps companies build a data-driven culture and make smarter decisions with a single platform that delivers business analytics, data integration, and predictive intelligence.

The combination of data, models, dashboards, and reports enables anyone to build predictive insights into their business models and processes. Salesforce analytics cloud provides businesses with the ability to deliver predictions and expected future trends based on existing historical data.

  • Salesforce App Cloud: Powered by the Salesforce1 platform, Salesforce app cloud is your all-in-one, integrated cloud solution for customer service through leading-edge intelligent agent technology.

The app cloud is the fastest way to develop web, mobile, and social business apps. It also provides access to hundreds of best-in-class partner applications through AppExchange. All this so your team can focus on what matters most — your business — helping it grow.

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the fresh face of digital commerce for the connected world. It is an open, flexible platform delivering exceptional shopping experiences across brands and retailers, wherever customers are. By teaming with Salesforce, your business can unlock new revenue streams and drive sales growth with smarter customer engagement.

Breakdown of the Main Salesforce Features

Here is a list of some top features of Salesforce to help you automate your business processes:

  • #1 Ranked CRM: Salesforce is the customer relationship management system that integrates with your sales cloud, service cloud and marketing cloud. This intuitive, end-to-end solution helps you connect with customers at all stages in the buying journey, creating a personalized experience and speeding up sales growth. Many companies of all sizes globally trust Salesforce to build, manage, and protect their customer relationships.
  • Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a module for Salesforce that gives thousands of companies all the tools they need to design and deliver engaging email campaigns to nurture leads and drive prospects through the sales process. Whether you’re a B2B company or an e-commerce shop, email marketing helps you reach your customers whenever and wherever they are in their journey.
  • Lead Management: Get real-time visibility into the lead status and lead history with the Salesforce campaign management application. Lead management tools help generate more revenue by maximizing opportunities across products and increase overall manager visibility of leads and opportunities from within Salesforce.

Salesforce’s lead management solution is an out-of-the-box application that deploys in as little as 90 days with no custom code. It gives your team the tools they need to search, track and analyze leads in real-time from anywhere. With Salesforce, you get to keep pace with your customers’ changing needs, boost productivity, and generate growth for your company.

  • Social Listing: Salesforce is a social listing that helps you connect with the right people and services. Whether it’s finding, sharing or delivering great ideas, it is on a mission to make the world smarter.

Buyers use social networks to search, debate, share and evaluate information about products and services. Salesforce offers a social publisher to publish listings for your company’s social media presence. This encourages buyers to view, like, or follow your public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This way they get to know you better and increase chances of conversions.

  • Nonprofit Service Pack: Salesforce for Nonprofit Service Pack helps your nonprofit grow through better technology. This affordable package includes the core Salesforce applications you need to raise awareness, inspire people to action, and manage your most valuable assets — your supporters.

This service pack for nonprofits makes it even easier to sell, deploy, and manage Service Pack for nonprofits includes all the features of Salesforce with the ability to handle an unlimited number of users, extended technical support, web services (including e-mail), and more.

Business Benefits of Using Salesforce

  • Easy-to-Use: Salesforce has an easy-to-use and intuitive workflow so that you can tailor it to your needs. Salesforce is simple and gets you up and running in no time. Built with high mobility from the ground up, it is 100% compatible with both Salesforce1 and 2.

Salesforce brings a new era of business software designed to help companies drive digital transformation. With Salesforce, you get an increase in sales productivity, accelerate the pace of innovation, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and turn your sales teams into trusted advisors by providing them with essential tools at their fingertips.

  • Faster Than Legacy Infrastructure: The Salesforce platform is lightning-fast and highly available. You can deliver faster with a new cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture along with scalability, increased performance, greater fault tolerance, and no worries of lock-out during peak periods of loads. This results in a quicker time to market, better agility to respond to market needs and improved revenue potential.

You can connect your entire team with Salesforce Chatter to engage and collaborate in real-time, help keep data fresh and up-to-date with Salesforce, and get the insights you need to win with Salesforce Analytics Cloud. Salesforce helps you to collaborate from anywhere, at any time.

Salesforce offers everything new in the cloud world so you can innovate at the speed of light. You can quickly and easily build, deploy, and scale your applications with powerful apps for every business function.

  • Efficient and Customizable: Salesforce is very easy-to-use, customer-friendly, and highly customizable. Many businesses purchase Salesforce because they know they can build features that are a priority for them. It is easy for developers to customize and build additional features. This way Salesforce helps you increase revenue and automate new business processes to save time.
  • Easy Reports and AnalysisSalesforce offers effortless analytics using the Visual Builder to create highly customizable reports with drag-and-drop functionality. This way you can share reports with teammates, partners, or clients for complete transparency. Salesforce reports are easy-to-use and easy to access.

Salesforce provides advanced analytics and real-time results. This way you can make better, faster decisions based on Salesforce reports. The Analytics Cloud is the fastest way for business users to convert raw data into insights and real-world actions.

Salesforce cloud uses intelligent algorithms to organize vast amounts of customer data automatically into meaningful reports and dashboards. This dramatically reduces the time to get actionable reports from months or even years to days or weeks.

  • Customer Service Automation: Salesforce increases customer satisfaction and productivity with high-quality services and faster response times. It is a platform that helps you deliver personalized, omnichannel customer service at scale. Salesforce is a single unified platform for agents, enabling seamless service across all digital channels.
  • Complete Sales Automation: Salesforce is the world’s largest provider of CRM. It improves sales, saves time, improves visibility into customer accounts. Salesforce automates customer communication and offers deeper insights into customer behaviour. This way sales teams spend more time selling and less time creating reports on sales performance.
  • Easier App Integration: The Salesforce1 platform is the easiest way to quickly and securely integrate with all of your customer’s apps. Developers can leverage the power of, Salesforce Lightning app builder and existing code you already have from on-premises or other SaaS apps.

The Salesforce integration opens up a world of possibilities for a firm. It opens your business up to entirely new cross-platform development tools. You can create multiple platforms without writing the same code again. You can even protect customers’ investment in code, preserve brand consistency in app development, better manage, and execute projects.

  • Effortless Collaboration: Salesforce offers to share files, ideas, and feedback efficiently across teams. It is easy-to-use, easy-to-get started and results in greater employee engagement, better communication within a team.

Salesforce also offers a powerful social network for better productivity. It has many features that help improve efficiency and communication. Salesforce helps to connect with colleagues, retrieve information, share files, and much more. It is the modern way to collaborate and work.

  • Completely Scalable: Salesforce is completely scalable. It can be a small system for just a few users or support the largest businesses in the world. Scalability from small to large systems (and everything in between). This enables you to check off your short-term and long-term business goals faster.
  • Cost-Effective: Salesforce is a cost-effective cloud solution. Users pay as they go and companies can see a return on their investment by the fourth quarter of the fiscal year. It is a powerful interface for all size businesses. It also reduces costs associated with data entry and manual number crunching.

Some Statistics to Prove The Influence of Salesforce on Businesses

Here are some numbers that help you see the benefit and influence of Salesforce on modern day’s businesses:

  • According to a case study by Nucleus Research, using Salesforce CRM can get you a 998% Return on Investment (or ROI) and get all the money you spent back within the first 1–2 months.
  • According to research by a Salesforce relationship survey, implementing a CRM application increased the lead volume by 27%, lead conversion by up to 30%, and marketing ROI by 25%. This was a random survey of 10,500 customers conducted between 2014 and 2016.
  • According to the same study, using CRM results in a 22% decrease in support costs, a 26% increase in customer retention, a 35% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 31% faster case resolution.
  • According to Salesforce statistics, switching to Salesforce CRM increases revenue by 25% on average. It also leads to a 24% increase in win rate, 28% more campaign deployment, and a 25% increase in sales productivity.
  • According to the study, using a CRM can return $8.71 for every dollar spent.


This should give you an idea of the results Salesforce CRM can get for your business. There is enough information here to make you believe in the after-effects of implementing Salesforce in your organization. So, what are you waiting for? Start investing in Salesforce and see your business grow successfully in no time.


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