How Can Salesforce Vaccination Cloud Track and Systemize COVID Vaccination?


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The biggest challenge that the world is facing today is the proper management of the COVID-19 vaccination program. There are billions of people who need a vaccine, and there is no way to administer the distribution of various vaccines by global vaccine manufacturers. Salesforce is looking to change this by leveraging fresh technology.

Salesforce Vaccination cloud is a new initiative that is helping doctors and insurance companies to keep track of vaccination records easily. This is important for public health officials to see how they can improve the current system. It keeps all the information in one place, making it more accessible to individual patients when needed.

Benefits of Salesforce Vaccine Cloud

Here is a list of the many advantages of using the Salesforce vaccination cloud to simplify vaccine programs by governments, healthcare providers, and nonprofit across the globe:

  • Easier Scheduling and Planning: As people register to get vaccines, there is a lot of data that needs proper analysis to determine who gets the shot first. Salesforce Vaccine Cloud helps healthcare authorities to screen the data based on various parameters. This can be age, weight and other physical and clinical conditions to determine high-risk candidates. 

With this information, an organization can schedule vaccination according to priority. They can enlist the high-risk candidates first and roll out vaccines to low-risk people later in the schedule. 

  • Public Health Notifications: Disseminating information can be tricky for health care officials, especially when the success of vaccine programs depends on it. People are counting on it and need to be informed at the right time. 

Salesforce vaccine cloud can help educate and inform the community in a better way. It can notify people through different channels like SMS, email, and push notifications cost-effectively.

The cloud solution is effective in informing vaccine-seekers about their vaccination schedule, reminding them about their second dose, informing to-dos before vaccination, precautions, etc. It can also be useful for site managers to restock vaccines, depending on the scheduled appointments.

  • Efficient Inventory Management: The major concern of many governments and healthcare authorities is to keep track of various vaccine inventory. It is crucial to the success of any vaccination program to have a stock of vaccine doses, syringes, needles, and PPE kits.

Salesforce Vaccination Cloud helps run smooth operation as it tracks inventory levels efficiently. It helps maintain adequate vaccine doses and keeps a steady supply of other equipment. It maps population-related data with vaccination schedules to determine the number of doses that a geographical location needs. 

The cloud solution also helps forecast demand accurately and reduce wastage by diverting surplus to areas with deficient supplies. Salesforce also analyses information about batch numbers of vaccine lots, places of storage, expiration dates, and refrigeration infrastructure. This helps in creating an appropriate inventory management plan to offer the anti-COVID-19 vaccine to everyone on time.

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  • Digital Vaccine Administration: There are a lot of formalities that healthcare officials have to undergo to ensure the efficient delivery of vaccines. Some forms need submission, consent forms need collecting, and medical details need checking for vaccine-seekers. 

Salesforce automates all these operations to prevent errors and ensure more people get vaccinated. It captures consent electronically and confirms the appointment. The vaccine cloud also enables stores to gather all the required information in a single place, so that it is accessible instantly.

  • Vaccination Outcome Monitoring: There can be a lot that one can learn from monitoring the health outcome of vaccination on people. It can help analyse side effects and report to any medical emergency if any. It also helps in offering precautionary steps to the masses so that they can improve their health.

The Salesforce vaccine cloud can survey people and understand their health outcomes. This can be crucial to determining the success rate of a vaccine. Health providers can reach communities and inform them of side effects faster. 

  • Verify Health Credentials Swiftly: Healthcare organizations can integrate, create, and check the health credentials of individuals online for proof of vaccination. Salesforce vaccine management tool is useful to manage cases and enquiries about health credential records efficiently. This helps smoothen the administrative workflow for healthcare providers.


Many countries are already distributing vaccines to their citizens. However, it is still a challenge to manage large-scale vaccination campaigns and scaling them efficiently. Salesforce vaccination cloud is a perfect platform to bring the efforts of businesses, governments, healthcare providers, and nonprofits to fruition. It can help coordinate vaccines, people, and employees more efficiently. It has a lot of benefits that are worth looking into.


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