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Imagine that your email is a person you’re sending out as your representative, now your email can either make or break an impression; appropriate tones and etiquettes are important. As we move through our busy schedules, we sometimes tend to forget the importance of paying attention to our choice of words and sentences. We have listed below some points to help us revise our etiquette for a better business communication.

That general format

It is always a good practise to start with having an email id that is decent and commands seriousness. For example, a freelancing friend of mine had an email id that looked something like, he had to change it later as he wasn’t able to get serious business with that kind of id . When drafting emails, it is great to start off with a clear subject line. Salutations on a mail are a must, it doesn’t matter if it’s the fourth mail you’re writing to the same person on the same day, always address the person you’re writing to. Capital letters can be used whenever and wherever appropriate; your fonts should always be professional and neutral looking, no fancy ones. As far as giving directions is concerned, you should go for a neat and clean look by presenting your directions in bullet points, always respond to an email. Also, it is advisable to keep your email short and precise;keep it one screen length. 

The delivery

When we say delivery, it can be a list of different things. Firstly, let’s talk about delivery of information and attachment. We should never assume that the recipient of our email knows what we are talking about, always give them a brief recap and then move on to your update – go for an elevator summary if possible. Whenever you send an attachment, make sure that you tell your respondent the name of the file along with the version/format of the file or document. While delivering bad news, avoid blaming statements and hedging or vague words like seem or tend. Make sure that you maintain a positive resolve; if you’re presenting a problem, also mention what is being done to resolve the same. 

Checking and proofreading

You will be judged on your use and construction of sentences, therefore try your best to perfect it. If your email is full of grammatical error and sentences that people cannot understand, then you really wouldn’t have a strong hold in that conversation you are trying to strike. Check and proofread your spelling, grammar and message before actually sending your email.

What when emails don’t work?

There can be times when emails don’t seem to work at all, this can be because of an internal conflict or even a misunderstanding with your clients.  In a situation like this, never hesitate to pick up the phone or even talking in person – give priority to business ties. All’s well that ends well.


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