Difference between Salesforce Workflow, Process Builders & Trigger


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What is Salesforce Workflow, Process Builders and Trigger?

Workflow:- A powerful native tool of Salesforce, Workflow evaluates records as they are created and updated. It further determines whether any automated action is required. Users, otherwise, have to constantly monitor data via reports. Workflow ensures accelerated actions for your business processes since it eliminates the need for human intervention to review the information and determine if any action is needed. 

Process Builder:- A powerful tool available in Salesforce, enables you to automate the business process just like Workflow. It won’t be wrong to say Process Builder is an extended and better version of Workflow as it allows businesses to automate their processes but using graphical representation. Users can achieve and do more with Process Builder than Workflow. 

Trigger:- They are the apex codes that allow you to perform custom actions before or after events to record. Apex Code can be run before or after the following operations:-

  1. Insert
  2. Update
  3. Delete
  4. Merge
  5. Upsert
  6. Undelete

Trigger can be of two types:-

Before trigger:- Trigger used to validate or update record values before they are saved to the database.

After trigger:- After trigger can be used to access field values that are set by the database (such as a record’s Id or last updated field) and to affect changes in other records, such as logging into an audit table or firing asynchronous events with a queue. 

Note:- Always use bulk file trigger.

Workflow and Process Builder has its limitations. Workflow and Process Builder uses declarative customization that does not require coding but requires the knowledge of Force.com. Whereas Trigger uses programmatic customization. programmatic customizations are those that require the knowledge of coding. 

Difference between Workflow and Process Builder

Difference between Process Builder and Trigger

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