COVID-19 and Our Great Indian Samaritans


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The Coronavirus, as we know it, or the COVID-19 disease geared up in India from the past few weeks. All spheres of India’s economy and people from all walks of life are finding it difficult to tackle the situation. The economically weaker section is particularly hard hit. Out Indian Samaritans have put their best foot forward to stand with their fellow Indians in this test.s

Anand Mahindra – A Visionary 

Italy, the country worst hit after China, is facing a dearth of beds to accommodate COVID-19 patients. India is certainly taking lessons from conditions prevailing in other countries and taking necessary actions when the time is in our hands. A visionary such as Anand Mahindra foresaw the situation India would land in if the condition worsens. The Mahindra Group chairman offered Mahindra Holiday resorts to the government to be converted into temporary care facilities. Not only this, but he also announced that their manufacturing units will be put into good use – work will immediately begin to manufacture ventilators. Further, the Mahindra foundation pledged to create funds that would assist SMEs and SMBs in these trying times.

An All-time Philanthropist

A man well-known for his philanthropy, Ratan Tata, could not have let the situation take a toll on his workers, especially temporary and daily wage workers. N. Chandrasekar, Chairman Tata Sons, in a press release, announced that all the workers of the Tata group working across their offices, manufacturing units and production sites, including contractual, temporary and daily wage workers will get full payment for the month of March and April.

Considerate Towards Marginalized

The pandemic is spreading like a wildfire, forcing people to stay indoors. The implications on the economy are large but the most affected will be the weaker socio-economic segments of our society – people who make their living by daily earnings. Anil Agarwal, the Executive Chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited, on the day of “Janta Curfew” has shown his generous side. He displayed his concern for daily wage workers on Twitter by tweeting “We will do our bit to help” and pledged Rs 100 crore to help them sustain through the pandemic.

Designing Livelihood

Anita Dongre, a known name in the fashion industry, has come forward to support small vendors, self-employed artisans, and workers associated with her brand who may not have medical coverage. She pledged Rs.1.5 crore for the cause. The founder of House of Anita Dongre, whose designs are pulled on by Bollywood star Deepika Padukone to the royals, Duchess of Cambridge, took it to twitter to display her side of generosity.

Keep Your Spirits High

Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverage manufacturer, understands the importance of sanitization to conquer the deadly virus. More importantly, Diageo realizes they need to produce hand sanitizers in large quantities as the market is running out of stock. The Indian chain of the manufacturer, Diageo India, committed to producing 300,000 liters of sanitizer. They will put 15 manufacturing units across the country into work so as to overcome the shortage of hand sanitizers. They also pledged to donate 500,000 liters of Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) to sanitizer manufacturing companies. The quantity is sufficient enough to produce more than 2 million bottles (250 ml each) hand sanitizers.

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Professions who are working tirelessly and are at the most risk of contracting the infection are healthcare professionals. Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, understood the need of the hour – to protect those who protect us. To ensure proper shield to healthcare workers from the virus, Ambani announced the production of face-mask to be increased to 100,000 on daily basis and enhance the manufacturing of personal protective equipment for medical professionals. Additionally, RIL’s Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital offered aid to set up a 100-bed medical facility center at Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai in collaboration with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. RIL also announced salaries will be rolled out twice a month to employees who earn below Rs. 30,000 per month. They have also announced a slew of other measures to stand strong in this time of the pandemic.

A Philanthropist in Making

Startups are no behind in lending a helping hand during these trying times. Paytm founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma has shown his generous side by announcing that he would contribute his next 2 months’ salary towards employees of his organization who would need it more.


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