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If you’re on the lookout to save money in AWS, then you’ll need to know about the Amazon instance schedule. Simply put, the Amazon Instance Scheduler allows you to set automatic start and stop instances during off-peak hours. This enables you to create a custom schedule that matches your workload.

AWS Instance Scheduler will improve the operating efficiency of one or more EC2 instances. You can use it to run your instances when your applications have a lower load, which saves you money without affecting your application’s availability. In this post, we will cover the benefits of using Amazon Instance Scheduler. It will help you maximize AWS savings and increase your ROI for every dollar you spend setting up your infrastructure.

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  • * What is AWS Instance Scheduler?
  • * Benefits of Using AWS Instance Scheduler
  • * Conclusion

What is AWS Instance Scheduler?

Amazon EC2 is a tool that allows you to start or stop schedules for your Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. It helps you reduce operational costs and save money by stopping resources that are not in use and starting resources when you need the capacity.

In simple terms, AWS Instance Scheduler is a magnificent tool, especially for those of you who use EC2 instances with Amazon ECS. The tool enables you to save money on your bill by enabling you to fire up or end instances based on time or events – basically; it does what the name says: it schedules stuff for you. Using it properly has the potential to reduce your costs and improve your capacity planning.

For example, if you are having a business that runs during the peak hours of 9 to 5, you need a solution that stops instances outside of business hours every day. The AWS Instance scheduler comes in handy in such a case. It lets you check your usage and control cost so that you are not billed for running services you do not need. You can easily schedule your instance to stop running during off-peak hours and save thousands. 

Benefits of Using AWS Instance Scheduler

There are many benefits of using the AWS Instance Scheduler. Here is a list of the top five advantages of implementing the solution in your infrastructure:

  • * Cost-Saving: There are many tools that you can use to save money. One of the most cost-effective options is the AWS Instance Scheduler. It allows you to define an infrastructure that your application servers will use during starting up each day. This way you can minimize usage during off-peak hours and implement typical work patterns to save money the right way.
  • * Scheduled Maintenance: You can easily schedule maintenance during off-peak hours using the AWS Instance Scheduler. By defining it in code, you need not restart the entire instance when making any changes. This saves you on resources and allows you to change the application with no major downtime. This saves money both for the time to create the infrastructure and for the resources consumed when it’s up and running.
  • * Simple and Easy-to-use: Amazon Instance scheduler is an easy-to-use web-based tool that makes it easy to set up, launch, and manage Amazon EC2 instances on Windows and Linux. You can create several dedicated instances and instantly start running their jobs. You can monitor the health of all instances and easily stop, start, or delete an instance.
  • * Take Control Over Your Infrastructure: If you’ve heard of cloud computing or thought to yourself, “What can I do with cloud computing?” then AWS Instance Scheduler is the answer. It is a one-stop resource for all of your business infrastructure needs. With an intuitive interface and easy-to-understand scheduling capabilities, a small team can manage thousands of computers, servers, applications and workflows across their network from one location.
  • * Saves Time and Efforts: The AWS Instance Scheduler is one of the easiest ways to orchestrate an environment ready for your new website launch. This AWS instance scheduler launches and terminates your applications as soon as they are ready to be deployed. This way you can spend more time on the important aspects of your online store and less time worrying about day-to-day IT operations.


Maximize your savings by using Amazon Instance Scheduler. This piece of software from AWS will help you save a large percentage on your cloud compute time. By using the scheduling function on EC2 instances, you can create your own priced hourly billing cycle, which with the right planning, will give you more flexibility and also save you money. Now you never have to miss out on a savings opportunity again by using this automation!  


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