Importance of video content

Importance of video content for online business plan

What is the impact of visual content in a brand’s Inbound Marketing strategy? Should videos be a part of your online business plan or promotions? What is inbound marketing?! If you are new to internet marketing, you probably ask yourself or your digital marketing consultants these questions a lot; and even if you do not understand how it will all work towards sales, you cannot deny feeling that videos are important somehow.  I have been working with startups of all sizes for over a decade now and I can assure you, there is no inbound marketing strategy without visual content. There is no such thing! And there is a science to it. According to the Learning Pyramid, it takes just 3 days to lose 90% of the information we have read. Adding audio -visual content to your content can double the retention rate for your audience. It all goes to show that our memory potential is much stronger for visuals.  So what are the most effective types of visual content, and how do they fit into your online business plan? Video is a simple way to communicate Video allows you to communicate in a simple way and above all to transmit your messages without interference. Today, there are several ways to design a video, but it must be said that storytelling is much easier to remember for internet users.  Video attracts attention It is interesting to note that Google has 90% of all web search volume, winner by a wide margin, followed by YouTube. By using video in your content marketing strategy, you will inevitably attract the attention of your users browsing online- they are very fond of quality content. By adding video to your various communication media, you will increase brand visibility on the web. Indeed, a video is much more likely to appear in Google search results. In recent years, there have been 3 types of SEO on the Google search engine: natural SEO, video SEO and paid SEO. To get the best results, you will need to combine these different elements.  Videos boost your influence on social networks Social networks have been essential in the content marketing strategy for over a decade and with 3.484 billion active users in the world in 2019, it will continue to be a major influencer. It is therefore important to have a presence, if only through a page on these networks where people live, eat, shop and connect on a daily basis. By using video, you will be able to attract a little more attention from users on social networks. Brands need to figure out how they can offer value and drive the conversation. 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem, can that be your area of expertise?  With a little awareness and experiment, you might be able to figure out what works best for you. The goal is to explain your activity, your products, your approach, etc. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are your mediums. Posts with video have 48% more views on social channels, that’s a much higher engagement number when compared with brand videos placed on a website!  Do you want to get started with videos? Make sure you ensure the quality of it. Pay attention to the background, the image and the sound; they must be impeccable in order to please your viewers. This will provide you with essential support for your content marketing strategy which guarantees quality traffic. By quality traffic, we mean people who are really interested in your products and services. Bonus tips! for a successful video – create a branded editorial byline, linking back to your own site  – be concise: Great videos are under a minute.  – take care of the quality: The more beautiful your images, neat graphic design, the greater your chances of maintaining attention. – or give us a call. We are a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon specializing in content and web design services and would love to get your started.