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Coronavirus epidemic tips

Teleworking in coronavirus epidemic: 6 tips for getting organized

The Prime Minister appealed to the people to observe a self-imposed curfew and a large number of employees are are encouraged to telecommute, or Work from Home, to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic. Here is some advice to working professionals better manage this situation. Summary 1) Create a dedicated workspace 2) Keep your habits 3) Set goals and communicate 4) Learn to disconnect 5) Establish rules of life for the whole family 6) Parents and couples: share the load This epidemic constitutes the most serious health crisis that the world has known for a century. And in exceptional situations we need exceptional measures. Thus, all employees whose function allows it are called to telework at home, in order to slow the spread of the virus . Although this working method usually avoids the stress of public transport, traffic jams or other inconveniences in office life, it is not always easy to apply. Especially since the closure of nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools , parents must also manage their children at home. How best to organize to stay calm and efficient? Create a dedicated workspace Navigating between your bed, your sofa and your coffee table is not ideal for concentrating. The priority for working at home is to define a precise work area . This will allow you not only to better focus on your mission, but also to preserve the balance between your private and professional sphere. If you don’t have a home office , or don’t have enough space, a dining table corner will do. If possible, choose an isolated space to be able to escape the stresses of your children. You will thus have the impression of being able to let go psychologically by leaving this space, and vice versa. Keep your habits To limit the impact of working from home on your balance, it is essential to preserve certain rituals. Nothing prevents you from delaying your awakening for a few minutes or from working to music , but be sure to maintain certain morning habits. Parents, children… confinement should not encourage you to stay in your pajamas for two weeks. Get in motion : wash, dress, make-up if you feel the need. Set goals and communicate To stay motivated, nothing like setting goals and deadlines – realistic. There are many sources of distraction at home. Without a roadmap , you risk losing motivation and losing efficiency. The other downside to working from home is isolation . To remedy this, do not hesitate to rely on your colleagues: calls, videoconferencing, sms, emails … Many technical tools now make it possible to work in a team or manage projects remotely . Likewise, if you encounter scheduling difficulties, do not hesitate to share them with your colleagues to find the best organization. Learn to disconnect I can never repeat it enough: in telework as in the office you have to set limits and stick to them . Teleworking should not be synonymous with vacation or hard work. Fixed schedules will allow you to compartmentalize your activities. Take breaks, disconnect from social networks (also useful for fighting anxiety linked to the spread of information around the disease ), cuddle your cat or dog, and above all resist the temptation to throw yourself on episodes of series at noon … If necessary, configure alerts on your smartphone to respect your time slots. Establish rules of life for the whole family Who says confinement says proximity and cohabitation. Not always easy. Hence the importance of collectively establishing rules of life to prevent many situations. Children in particular must be made aware of the situation: establish play, homework and meal schedules so that they keep their bearings . Explain that you too need time to work and that there are certain things you need to follow, such as staying out of your workplace. And it is not this father who will say the opposite: Parents and couples: share the load Without school, the older children can exercise autonomy at home, but the smaller ones often require more attention. If you live as a couple, do not hesitate to share the roles with your other half. One can supervise the children while working, while the other isolates, then alternate. Naps, cartoons… Optimize all the moments available .

User Experience and SEO
SEO, Website Design

Online Business Plan – Why a website’s UX matters to SEO?

Creating  an online business plan, must include a website. And a website must be well optimized for a great user experience (UX). Most businesses end up focusing on just ranking their website higher. But, did you know, UX matters a lot when brushing up your SEO? To understand this, let’s dig deeper into the relation of UX and SEO. What is User Experience? The most important thing about your website is that it should be user-friendly. From the site menu to the header, the images, links, etc. all become a part of UX. It also includes the way the text is written and how the categories have been arranged on the website. Even more so, the ways of presenting content in alternative ways such as videos, graphics, etc. are also applicable.  But, user experience also ties up with how easily a user can find your website on search. Is it really user-friendly, if it is not locatable? Definitely not. Combining a great user experience with the right keywords will give you the website you need for your business. To do this, you must first know what SEO means. What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is inherently the practise of optimizing your website’s content based on the search engine algorithms and metrics. Search engines rank websites by comparing quality, relevance and authority of its content.  Your online business plan must be around a certain product or service that you’re selling. Therefore, your website must also be optimized around the same, so that every time a user looks for the same, your website is discoverable to them.This starts with choosing the right keywords for your business and using them the correct number of times. Placing them strategically, and following best practices when choosing keywords and where to use them could help you reach the first-page results of a search engine.  Correct keywords usage is part of what will enhance a user’s experience on your site. How does UX and SEO go together? The Google Panda update in 2011 focused on eliminating sites with low quality content and reduced the content to ad ratios on site pages.  Then, the Penguin update that followed a year later was included to improve user experiences.  Since then, an effective SEO strategy must include optimizing your pages, titles and meta descriptions with the proper keywords. You must also use the appropriate H1, H2 and H3 headings that search engines like. Having a well-designed site ensures that your visitors return. If people keep coming back to your site, it increases your domain authority, and it  keeps rising further to the top of search results. Here are some tips and tricks to align your website’s UX and SEO efficiently: Do not try to spam the content with keywords just so you can elevate your rank on a search engine. Providing content with multiple forms of accessibility would improve experience for the sight and hearing impaired, and provide basic html versions as it helps users load your site pages even if they, for example, only temporarily have slow, unsecured Wifi. Therefore, include alt text, descriptions or captions with images. Carefully plan a layout for your website design. To increase the convenience of your visitors, include a search bar at the top of your page, in case they cannot find something on the menu. Break long chunks of text with images and bulleted lists if you can, to decrease the monotony of the content. Just make sure that your images do not load slowly. While creating a menu, make sure all your subcategories belong under the main category menu items. Try avoiding menu drop-down options as mobile users cannot see them when navigating your site pages. The page speed is another issue that could affect people who are experiencing internet connectivity problems. You can make use of content management systems that provide plugins to automatically optimize images and graphics to improve page loading. Also, choosing the right web host would help your pages to respond faster over pages that respond more slowly. Sites often load too slowly because the host has poor infrastructure which doesn’t support the website efficiently. A quick trick, but a useful one. Always provide a quick way back “Home”. While creating your online business plan, keep in mind the necessities of creating an intuitive website for your customers and visitors. If you face any difficulty with the same, we are here to help you. Contact us today!

tips for effective PR campaign
Public Relations

Expert tips for running an effective PR campaign

It is a known fact that Public relations requires strategizing and planning. Carrying out a PR Campaign takes good teamwork and coordination. In order to get through all the stages of a PR Campaign and achieving great results, researching and understanding the whole process is an integral part.  Take British Airways for example, its “Fueled by love” campaign in India beautifully showcased the coming together of two cultures. A heart touching video was created and promoted on different social media channels, the video itself got over 3.9 million views on YouTube. The catch here is that the brand focused on the target audience and understood how emotions can be the major driving force for the campaign. Likewise, a brand should know which factor to emphasize on, depending on the goal and  various other aspects of a PR/digital marketing campaign. 

business newsletters importance

Are business newsletters still relevant in 2019?

Newsletters are one of the oldest digital solutions for marketing, and are still widely used to promote campaigns today, as is email marketing. With the speed of digital transformation and the emergence of inbound marketing, it is striking that this strategy dating back to the 1970s is still appreciated by marketing specialists. Here are five reasons why newsletters are still relevant: Efficiency . Newsletters are fast and cheap compared to some digital solutions like advertising. They are also easier to manage. Scope . A single newsletter can reach a large number of customers. Real time . Newsletters arrive instantly. So you can get results quickly. Insights . The campaign management tools allow you to follow the user behaviour as each newsletter is opened. Personal . Some digital solutions will always remain important for marketing because they enable personalisation of content as per the individual reader. Newsletters are one of those solutions. Newsletters have evolved over the decade. Today, newsletters are used as digital campaign tools in order to convert prospects. A diversified newsletter offer would help companies reach a wider audience and convert more leads. Given the value of converting leads, it’s important to understand how the email experience has influenced today’s consumer expectations of newsletters. 4 tips to improve your business newsletters. Here are four ways to improve your customer’s email marketing experience. Make the subscription fast and easy. The customer experience starts from the beginning (the first point of contact) of the relationship with your business. Make sure the subscription process is fast. Your registration form should be extremely easy to find on your website and as short as possible. You can even break it down into steps if you have more than one newsletter, or require your user to fill out a detailed information form to access the newsletter. Think about your subject. Capture the attention of your reader with the first 40 characters of your subject line. Choose your words wisely and do not waste space. Your subject line should be short, summarizing the content of the message – and preferably without symbols or special characters. Create relevant and personalized content. Examine the interests of your customers using the data you already have. Your information does not need to be highly targeted; it may be specific to the time of year or a particular upcoming event. You will increase commitment and start developing loyalty. Above all, be authentic! Perfect on mobile. Visual layouts are of utmost importance. Mobile is the priority. Most people use their smartphones to read their emails today, which has a huge impact on the design principles. Modern newsletters must be perfect on small screens otherwise they risk losing the attention of their readers. Single-column design using high-quality full-screen images and minimal text is a popular trend in visual communication. Use a “Learn More” button to save space. Anyone interested in the subject will follow the URL and read the full article online. However, keep in mind that despite the overall speed of the Internet that has grown dramatically in recent years, there are still some bandwidth limitations for mobile data. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to the performance of online content. Conclusion. As you can see, newsletters are a powerful and essential tool for converting leads, if used correctly. Be attentive, create a quality experience for your target audience and remember that the newsletter is a point of contact with your audience and is a medium that represents your brand. Make sure your newsletters play in your brand’s camp not against it.


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