Salesforce trends 2020

Popular Salesforce trends to watch out for in 2020

As a critical engagement platform, Salesforce has grown and emerged by connecting brands and employees to their customers. A lot of organizations are adopting Salesforce to manage their work better and improve operations. A Salesforce development company is the ideal approach for any brand that wishes to align itself with Salesforce. Nuclay Solutions is a good example, with its certified experts that can guide you through the process of adopting the system. There have been many predictions that are doing the rounds as to what could be in store for and through Salesforce, let us have a look at the various trends that are expected to dominate the system and the industry this year. Upgrade for all Salesforce users As per the Spring’19 release notes, Salesforce has made it known that only the more intuitive and user-friendly Salesforce 2.0 (dubbed ‘Lightning’) will receive important upgrades. This now means that users of the older and ‘classic’ rendition will be missing out on numerous modern, productivity-enhancing features. Currently, there are different exciting new features that are already and only available on Lightning. This includes Einstein, customizable dashboard, Snap-in chat, Smart Macros and calendar enhancements.It is now time for organizations to urgently migrate from Classic to Lightning. A failure to do this would mean risking to be left behind in the race for effectiveness and efficiency. It is clear that Lightning is the immediate future and the adoption of smart change management tactics is the need of the hour.  Einstein Voice A lot of us love Alexa and how it functions, well here is the Alexa of Salesforce. Einstein works by enabling users to conversationally interact with the Salesforce platform. This interaction can be done through the mobile app or smart speakers e.g. Alexa, Echo, Google Home. This brings about empowerment among users by driving operations and tasks through spoken instructions; it uses AI to suggest changes, updates and set reminders. There are numerous customer success stories from the pilot that indicate that Einstein Voice is the next big thing or adoption to drive productivity and customer success. “It would not only be more convenient but will also help in improving the quality of work”, says Ranbir Das, Nuclay’s certified Salesforce trainer. This surely can be seen as a promising addition for all techies in a Salesforce development company and business owners. Salesforce Blockchain A low code software that offers the open-source Blockchain technology from the Hyper-ledger, Salesforce Blockchain is the main asset of the lightning platform and it makes it possible for users to move, monitor and handle their own apps, networks and other workflows. It also initiates companies of partners and several third parties. A distributed set of public ledges is offered by Blockchain, and these can be shared in between all the secured partners, it enables them to organize a variety of used cases. The data that gets combined with main CRM workflows, which in turn helps in developing the latest business process and samples for sales, marketing, services and other related set of tasks. More power to CRM There has been a handful of acquisitions made by Salesforce in the year 2019 and a majority of those acquisitions has reached up to billions of dollars. Through acquisition, it is evident that Salesforce aims to bring about different technological edits into its future CRM offering. Some of these changes would include location-based intelligence software integration (MapAnything), synchronizing enterprise data in the cloud (Griddable) and improving field service offering in Salesforce Service Cloud (ClickSoftware), among others. Salesforce,this year, is highly likely to expand its CRM solutions targeted specifically to meet the requirements of specific industry verticals. In order to support this, Consumer Goods Cloud and Manufacturing Cloud has been introduced by Salesforce, respectively for the retail and manufacturing industries. Customer satisfaction Surely, data analysis, data and system integration and AI are all striking trends. But the ultimate goal is to improve customer satisfaction and experience. This factor is currently put at the centre of the ‘Goliath’ CRM’s strategy. Even the State of Sales report 2018 mentions that for Salesforce, customer satisfaction is highly expected and anticipated to become the #1 sales metric. It is also highly important for entities like Salesforce to prioritize the mobility needs of sellers that are not being fulfilled. The introduction of better mobile networks is now making it all the more necessary to improve the security, speed, and reliability of consumer-grade mobile experiences and enterprise. With an attempt to break technical barriers between sellers and selling, Salesforce has now introduced mobile SDK which enlarges its mobile capabilities beyond just field service agents. The above points can help business owners and IT team of a Salesforce development company to see the disruptive technologies that can help an organization achieve the maximum ROI. Be sure that you invest in the analytics-driven and personalized digital adoption platform to grow your business.