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Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness
Public Relations

Ways to Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

“Brand” is a term that is very commonly used by business owners and professionals. It is a word that has a big and important standing in the world of business and dealings. The nature of the business can be anything from soda manufacturing to professional services like digital marketing, the brand implies to the first thought that comes to one’s mind when a name is mentioned. The imagery, emotions and perception that a person connects a business to, is all planned. For example, KFC has its tagline as ”It’s finger lickin’ good”. This did not come up randomly, it has been thought out, planned, reviewed and finalized. This tagline was intentionally chosen to focus on the taste and how it is just one of the best. Logo colours too, among many other factors, contribute to building a brand. Any business would want to portray their brand as approachable and trustworthy, that is why brand visibility and building requires experts and strategies. Nuclay brings you those strategies in this article, read on to learn more. Social media is important Your business should have a social media handle from which you can share content; this can be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can even join common interest groups on these platforms, start a conversation and engage people. You can even find potential clients and pursue an opportunity. Using relevant hashtags and sharing meaningful content will help you establish yourself as a thought leader. Maintaining a blog When you create a blog post, the article has to be keyword optimized. This will help in showcasing your blog in the search results. You can keep reinforcing yourself by raising and discussing issues that your clients may face and offer solutions to the same. Guest blogging is another great method to earn brand visibility, write about the topics that you have expertise in and let more people know of your brand. Linking these articles back to your website is also a healthy practise. Optimization of website It isn’t enough to optimize your blog alone. Optimizing your website for keywords will help in bringing your business and target clients together. Identify the types of terms that your audience is likely to use, use those keywords within the headers and copy of your web pages to bring in more visitors. Be quick and diligent with your follow up process. Reputation management Your goal is to make people become aware of your brand, but it is only worth it if the brand in focus is one with a good reputation. Putting yourself accessible to everyone online has many perks and benefits, but it also has its own risks. So it is advisable to have a reputation management plan in terms of CSR campaigns, conferences, etc. Also, it is never a bad idea to have a crisis management plan in place. Partnerships We discussed the importance of being active on social media earlier, the same platform can help you find other businesses to collaborate with. For example, if your business is about selling plants, seeds and saplings, you can organize a giveaway or a contest in partnership with a brand that deals in living and decor. This way, there is a two way promotion that is beneficial to both parties. Modern network and technology has made the world a smaller place, try to get the most from it. Paid ads Tools like Google ads come into the picture when we talk about paid advertisement. When somebody enters a search pertaining to your service or product, it is your brand that should popped up at the top most results. This activity is best for a short term campaign, especially for new or rebranded businesses. You can keep a check on your budget by carefully selecting your ad copies. Through it all, the best way to up your brand visibility is to stay relevant, do your research and be aware of the industry you’re in. In case you need assistance with your business, allow us to help you by reaching out to us here. 

tips for effective PR campaign
Public Relations

Expert tips for running an effective PR campaign

It is a known fact that Public relations requires strategizing and planning. Carrying out a PR Campaign takes good teamwork and coordination. In order to get through all the stages of a PR Campaign and achieving great results, researching and understanding the whole process is an integral part.  Take British Airways for example, its “Fueled by love” campaign in India beautifully showcased the coming together of two cultures. A heart touching video was created and promoted on different social media channels, the video itself got over 3.9 million views on YouTube. The catch here is that the brand focused on the target audience and understood how emotions can be the major driving force for the campaign. Likewise, a brand should know which factor to emphasize on, depending on the goal and  various other aspects of a PR/digital marketing campaign. 


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