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Content Writing Services Types

5 Types of Content Writing Services For Your Business

A popular belief both in the world of online marketing and search engine optimization, content does continue to be king. Good content is a necessity in order to grow your business, rank well on the internet and maintain your online presence. The focus of this article is on content writing and how different kinds of the same activity can be useful for your business. A good content writer does not only write, but engages the readers and sparks more curiosity in them. The topic of an article can range from food to fashion, tech to travel and other sorts of businesses. The right identification of target audience is great, but being able to strike a conversation with those right audience is an excellent thing to do. The job of a content writer is to create the right connection through the most relevant words and sentences. For example, if you run a business in Delhi and you wish to have good visibility online, then you should look for a content writing company in Delhi. Let us take a look at the several kinds of content and when to go for which. Press release An announcement is the first thing that comes to mind when we say press release. This is most likely the most popular way of making your presence known to web users. In the olden days, press releases used to be sent to radio stations and newspaper offices. But today, there are e-press releases that do not require so much effort and follow up. Many brands use these platforms to gain more audience. A press release can also contain product pitches. Technical writer This is the kind of writing that requires one to have intense interest in the topic; it sure isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. The content can be about computers, science, technology or even sports. This requires skills and deep knowledge, the main idea is to provide technical and detailed information to the readers. The presentation of this has to be done in a way that would not bore the audience, that is why it is ideal to hire from a reputed content writing company. Guest Posting Here is a process that not only improves a brand’s networking, but also helps in the rise of the brand’s visibility. Your brand can reach out to another platform and propose to write an expert article on a topic to be published on their website, this piece of course would go bearing your name. You in turn do the same for them, this will help you establish yourself as an industry leader. Guest posting includes getting backlinks for your business, on someone else’s website. The credit of the guest post goes to the writer and it will include your brand name along with a link to your website. This is a good way to generate high quality backlinks for your business.  SEO article writer As we have mentioned in our introduction, good content is essential to increase search engine traffic. Unique and fresh are the two main considerations of Google for any website ranking. Keywords are a major part of SEO writing, it is all about placing the keywords strategically in between the sentences for the engine to find it. SEO writers know great depth about search engine optimization and content marketing. Ghostwriting Imagine a person so skilled at his writing that his articles and words become the voice of your brand. Ghostwriters write important pieces on behalf of the business and even the CEO, they fill the spaces where the brand fails to find bandwidth or even motivation. A ghostwriter would be best for e-books, website copies and even though leadership articles. The writer will be paid for his work but the credit in public wouldn’t go to him. It is important to make sure that your articles and copies are free of grammatical errors as these written pieces will stand bearing your name. Finding a good content writing company has also been made easier with social media interest groups; you can simply post your requirement and your inbox will be flooded with options to choose from.

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services That You Must Know About

The Father of Modern Marketing, Philip Kotler once said  “The most important thing is to predict where clients are going and stop right in front of them”. Likewise,  It is important to understand that businesses today are moving from traditional methods to digital marketing services, It is important to know what suits your business, and where your target audience lies. With digital marketing, you reach bigger audiences thus, bigger number of potential clients. Yet, building the right axis around which all your communications revolve, is still the most important aspect. Therefore, we bring to you a comprehensive guide to understand the basics of the most used digital marketing services. This detailed guide will help you build a proper marketing strategy suitable for your business. 1.Social Media Marketing Social media networks are like a cocktail party where all the attendees are dressed and suited up. Assume that you reach the party filled with a lot of people (these are your potential leads). To engage with them, you wouldn’t directly pounce on them and ask them to buy your products. You try to blend in and try to strike up a relevant conversation. You analyze their points and suggest them remedies to get over their problems. That is how you gradually build a rapport and eventually lead them. That is the same way you go about with Social Media Marketing. You slowly build conversations, you gain customer loyalty and then you gain long-term customers.  It is a slow process but an effective one. Popular social media sites include – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.  Built-in analytics tools within the social media channels enable businesses/brands to track the effectiveness of their campaigns. Through social media marketing, businesses will be able to tap into a bigger market. This is very much impossible with traditional marketing. Social media marketing can garner a lot of organic traffic through activities like posting text, images, videos, and other content that drives engagement with the audience, while also promoting the images with paid advertising. (Via GIPHY) There are various tools that can be used to assist your social media campaigns. Tools like Buffer help you schedule your posts in advance and plan your social media calendars. Employing such tools with the digital marketing services for your business helps you conduct marketing efficiently. 2. Search Engine Optimization If you’re taking your business online, even though it is just through the use of digital marketing services, it is a must to have a website. But having a website for the namesake is of no use, unless and until you can direct traffic to it. And this is possible by increasing the rank of your website on the search engines– Google, etc. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO).  Google, the most prominent search engine works through layers of algorithms known as crawlers and spiders. These algorithms are responsible for locating the most relevant results for any search query on Google’s search box. For example, if you search “digital marketing services”, these algorithms will scroll through the internet to locate wherever these keywords have been used, basically web pages, blogs, links, etc. Further, there are more than 400 metrics that define the rank of any particular search on Google’s results page.  (Via GIPHY) By now, it must be clear that if your website is not SEO optimized, it won’t rank higher or might not even rank anywhere on the search results. But how do you optimize your web pages? Locate keywords using the Google Analytics tool that are relevant for your business. For example, for a mobile phone seller, Google would suggest keywords like “buy mobiles online” or “buy smartphone online”, etc. Use these keywords on your web pages in the relevant areas and design your content around them. Google also ranks website according to the confidence created by them. This confidence means the number of times a user visits a website or technically the number of sessions on a website. It is also created with internal and external links associated with the content. You might find websites creating blogs and sharing them on their social media channels. This is done for the same purpose– to enhance the link building process and direct traffic to the website through social media. Greater the number of sessions on a website, the greater the confidence it possesses. The user experience (UX) on your website is a very important aspect that most businesses usually ignore. If your website garners a good average session duration (i.e. average time spent by users on your website), it helps your Google search rank. It must be understood that a user would only spend time on your website if he/she is amused by the look and feel of it. If the information is not relevant or the interface is non-user-friendly, they would hop-off. Thus, decreasing the average session time, in turn, decreasing your Google rank. Therefore, place engaging pieces of content like images, videos, etc, and use animations that amaze the user on scrolling through your website. You can also run paid ads on Google using Google AdSense/ Google AdWords tools. These ads will appear whenever a user searches through the keywords selected for the campaign, by you. Set a definite budget according to your needs and these ad campaigns will help you gain potential customers inorganically. Search engines are the most important way of increasing traffic. Therefore, SEO becomes the soul of digital marketing services. 3. Email Marketing Email is the one way through which you can communicate directly with your customers, rather than calling them directly. It is a peer-to-peer conversation between two people, even though you might be sending it on behalf of an organization. It goes the same way while using emails as a digital marketing service. Businesses tend to inform their customers about product updates, solve their issues, register requests, etc. It is a great means to keep your customers interested in your brand by getting into their inboxes directly.  You can create

tips for effective PR campaign
Public Relations

Expert tips for running an effective PR campaign

It is a known fact that Public relations requires strategizing and planning. Carrying out a PR Campaign takes good teamwork and coordination. In order to get through all the stages of a PR Campaign and achieving great results, researching and understanding the whole process is an integral part.  Take British Airways for example, its “Fueled by love” campaign in India beautifully showcased the coming together of two cultures. A heart touching video was created and promoted on different social media channels, the video itself got over 3.9 million views on YouTube. The catch here is that the brand focused on the target audience and understood how emotions can be the major driving force for the campaign. Likewise, a brand should know which factor to emphasize on, depending on the goal and  various other aspects of a PR/digital marketing campaign. 


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