The importance of a Brand Identity
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Grow your business: The importance of a brand identity

Branding your organization is one of the first steps to expand and grow your business. In order to market your company to success, it is very important to know the huge role that branding plays in the process. Be it a large or small business, retail or even B2B, the right branding strategy will give you an edge to rise in the super competitive market. In simplest of words, your brand is a promise that you’re making to your customers. When you create an identity, you’re basically putting your brand values to any visually visible element that will be used to promote your brand. It is largely a part of marketing, that is why there is so much more to it than just the company’s logo. It may involve a variety of things from websites, business cards and stationary to print materials like brochures, reports and flyers.  A company begins its branding with creating visual identity that sits in alignment with the organization’s vision, it must also project the kind of target audience that is in focus. Online reputation is then monitored, asking happy customers to give reviews on Google and other sites. Expanding the brand’s visibility through networking on social networks and building relationships is paramount to brand building. Treating customers the way you would want to be treated by an organization is a value that your company should abide by; tend to customers in a way that sets you apart. In this article, we have listed out the few reasons as to why branding is such a vital exercise.  Personality A brand without a personality to channel is just as useless as a person without a good personality; it won’t attract people. Identity design is an activity that essentially provides the tone of your brand and it can be utilized to evoke certain specific feelings and emotions in your audience. An identity for your brand must be designed to convey your company’s positioning and core message. It must promote your business goals. Loyalty and trust Setting your business apart from your competitors would require you to be unique in the marketplace. This is where knowing your target audience becomes important. When you build and emotional connect with your audience by sharing the same values, it will attract them to your business. This has the potential of developing into a long term relationship, which can in turn lead to more trust and loyalty. Awareness Branding will help you spread word about your business. For example, the first brand that comes to mind when one says “search engine” is Google. This is a result of awareness, top of the mind recall is generated by the awareness that is fueled by branding. If your brand is featured in more places, the more people will see it and make contact.  Consistency Having and building a brand identity helps in maintaining a huge amount of consistency. It gives you a basic guideline, in terms of running the business and its presentation. It enables you to create a consistent message across all marketing platforms, it is also easier for the audience to identify and notice your brand. It helps you give the message that you are here to stay. If you are a company that wishes to grow your business into a brand that people will always remember, you will first have to focus majorly on building your brand identity. There are different agencies like Nuclay that can help you achieve that goal. Strategies alone are not enough, excellent execution and commitment to goals are a prerequisite as well.