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SEO – How can you perfectly optimize a page?

If you are searching for a website development company in delhi, your search results would definitely not display food joints. But, how does Google segregate one website from the other?  Basically, there is a whole set of algorithms crawling and scanning your content, as well as your website’s code, for Google to locate you asap. However, it is your duty to optimize your pages accordingly with Search Engine Optimization. Talking about on page SEO, it is possible that you might have heard of various techniques. However, here is a quick summary of everything we could tell you about creating web pages that generate a lot of targeted traffic. Responsive Design One of the perforces for website designing today is that the website should be mobile friendly. Not only do they add to the user experience, but they also add up to the visibility of your website. How? Read : Top Reasons why Mobile Responsive Websites help your SEO. Google ranks websites with better usability, speed and more dwell time higher. With your website being mobile responsive, all these factors give your search rank a positive push. Using keywords Keywords are the foundations of On-Page SEO. Start your titles with keywords, include them in your headings, and drop a keyword in the first 100 words. At the same time, make sure you have added proper heading types to the content on your website. Using headings helps Google algorithms identify the relevant piece of content faster, thus helping your SEO. Although there is no such optimum keyword density to help your page, yet 1-3% keyword density with semantic keywords would be great.Semantic keywords are basically the synonyms of your focus keyword. For example, a semantic keyword for website development company in delhi could be a web designing company in delhi ncr. Create Links There are two kinds of links– outbound and inbound. Outbound links help you link back to other pages on the web except your website that are relevant to the purpose of your page. Inbound links are used to link back to other pages, blogs, presentations, forms, etc. within your website that could help a visitor understand the context better, or lead them to a call-to-action. Links are important because search engines view them as votes of confidence in the popularity and authority of your website. Linking internally also connects your content and gives the search engine an idea of the structure of your website. They help establish a hierarchy on your site, allowing the more important pages to rank higher. Social Media sharing buttons Even though social media links do not directly increase the rank of your page on a search engine, they help increase the visibility of your website and the content. They help create your brand and increase its recognition. If your viewers like the way you present your brand on social media, they might visit your website more, thus increasing the referral traffic. In a way, this helps you create confidence for the search engine.Ensure that you place social media links on your page, to redirect the visitor to your social media pages. Play with the multimedia Use of media such as images, GIFs, videos, presentations, etc. help increase the time a visitor spends on your page. This helps increase the average session time of your website, thus increasing the rank on any search engine. Place them accordingly, relating to the context of the content on your website, or what the page describes. For example, Nuclay, being a website development company in delhi, helped a Non-Government Organization by teaching a few underprivileged students different aspects of Website or Android Development, as well as Digital Marketing. Optimize the site speed More than being a factor that impacts SEO, site speed is a direct ranking metric. Since the Google Algorithm’s update, that included site speed as a ranking basis, Google has provided a set of tools for website developers and webmasters to improve their loading speeds. Google PageSpeed Insights is an online tool provided which is used to identify the performance related issues on sites.  It is mostly related to technical SEO issues, but also helps analyze the site from a user Experience and accessibility point of view. You can access PageSpeed Insights by visiting Be it an e-commerce site or a digital services agency, it is necessary to implement good SEO techniques to get yourself found. Therefore, start building your website, while keeping in mind these steps. Do not shy from contacting us any time in case you need our help.

tips for effective PR campaign
Public Relations

Expert tips for running an effective PR campaign

It is a known fact that Public relations requires strategizing and planning. Carrying out a PR Campaign takes good teamwork and coordination. In order to get through all the stages of a PR Campaign and achieving great results, researching and understanding the whole process is an integral part.  Take British Airways for example, its “Fueled by love” campaign in India beautifully showcased the coming together of two cultures. A heart touching video was created and promoted on different social media channels, the video itself got over 3.9 million views on YouTube. The catch here is that the brand focused on the target audience and understood how emotions can be the major driving force for the campaign. Likewise, a brand should know which factor to emphasize on, depending on the goal and  various other aspects of a PR/digital marketing campaign. 

Google Search Algorithms Updates
Digital Marketing

Google Search Algorithms Updates

Google is no longer just a search engine. It is a verb – an action, that most of us ‘do’ more often than not. Whether it’s finding the meaning of a word, or locating a digital agency near you, or even finding your retailer’s customer care number, Google Search has answers for anything and everything. Ever wondered how it makes sure to give you the relevant results? It all goes around inside a zoo! Well, not literally! But Google Search is run by a ‘zoo’ of algorithms that rules what results you are shown whenever you search for any keyword. These results are displayed in order of significance, which the Google algorithm decides itself. To sort these results, Google uses tiny programs called spiders, that index websites. It is a very elaborate process as these spiders skim the entire web, moving between pages and links, all within seconds.  For growing your online business, you can create your content according to the guidelines posed by these algorithms and better your website or blog’s SEO. Also, while using digital marketing services for your business, you can follow these guidelines and employ various inbound/outbound marketing techniques (like link building, etc.) to promote your Google Search Rank. This article will walk you through six of the many algorithms that Google uses to filter its search results and makes these results more intuitive. A day at google zoo from Nuclay Solutions


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