How to build your career in Salesforce?
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An Introduction to Building a Career in Salesforce in India

India is producing a massive number of professional graduates per year. Every year around 6 lakh students pass out from Indian colleges with a B.Tech or MBA degree in hand. It is a fact that with an aspiration to join a multinational organization, less than 10% folks get campus placement. The primary reason for those who have not succeeded in their job hunt process is not their lack of capability or logical ability to solve a problem but the lack of knowledge of the outside world. Salesforce is one among the many technologies that have been there in the market for around 20 years now but very few students are aware of it when it comes to their knowledge regarding information that is outside of their college syllabus. The best thing about Salesforce is that it has an equal amount of opportunity for all the career tracks. If you are a graduate who is pursuing their bachelor of arts, commerce, MBA or any other technical degree, you all have an equal opportunity to become a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. All you need to do is get yourself well acquainted with the surroundings and decide on your career track accordingly. Let me brief you about the jobs that can help you with your area of expertise. If you are a commerce graduate, as part of your curriculum you might be learning about an organization’s growth model, sales pipeline, the challenges of getting leads or prospects and how to turn them into opportunities and loyal customers. All you need to learn about is how you can visually represent all the data into some meaningful insight with the help of Salesforce dashboards and reporting tools and then come up with a plan. 1. You can create simple and really powerful reports and dashboards for your leadership team to have all the data at one place by simply using the drag and drop functionality within Salesforce. 2. As the digital marketing space is evolving, you can be a part of a digital marketing campaign services team or even lead a team of people responsible for digital marketing campaigns. If you are from a technical background and you don’t have much expertise and idea about how an organization’s growth model works, you don’t need to worry as Salesforce requires hard core technical people to fulfill the needs of teams who are handling the operations. There are hundreds of custom solutions provided which you can suggest based on their requirement and if needed you can use your coding expertise to propose a custom solution to their need. The best thing is you don’t have to be proficient in any specific language, you can code in any language you are comfortable with. –Work on custom solutions using Apex and Visualforce. –Be a solution architect to design and implement Salesforce Instance from scratch for an organization. –Handle migration and integrations with other softwares. Lastly, it has been observed that coders don’t like to work on drag and drop functionalities and that’s where people with techno-functional capabilities come into picture. They can be considered equally powerful as coders when it comes to propose a custom/ automated solution to any problem. They just need to be aware of each and every functionality Salesforce provides and come up with real time solutions to a problem. –Help with digital marketing activities. –Become proficient in admin capabilities. –Suggest automations that can be carried out within Salesforce. Remember, Salesforce has multiple tools and you can choose which one suits you based on your interest and capabilities. Some of the SF tools are utilized widely in the following sectors: –Financial Services –Healthcare & Life Sciences –Communications –Retail –Consumer Goods –Media –Government –Manufacturing –Transportation and Hospitality –Automotive –Higher Education –Nonprofits The majorly used Salesforce tools would be Salesforce service cloud, Community cloud and Marketing cloud.