Email Marketing

Email Marketing : A Beginner’s Guide

“Old is gold”, yes it is. Even though artificial intelligence, chatbots and virtual reality are in their prime, but come what may, email has never lost its ground when it comes to digital marketing services. Why? Let us have a look. Emails, when built carefully, are a direct entry for any marketeer into the minds of their audience. No need for any heavy algorithms or investment of money; just proper content and the right choice of emailing software could build you a lead or a potential customer. Moreover, it’s not just about marketing that makes ‘Email’ an integral part of customer orientation, but it is a major go-to tool to drive customer attention towards any product. They do not need to visit any blog or website. Just a little crisp gist about what you have to offer would do. Greater the driven attention greater the number of customers; the greater the number of customers, the bigger the business. Want to know how Email could be your first step in growing your business? Here we present to you a beginner’s guide to Email Marketing. Let’s Get Started The first thing that you need to initiate is contacts, rather email lists. Remember, shortcuts are never a path to success, similarly we would never you to buy any contacts from third party organisations. Hence, we start with the most important thing, that is, the permission to email someone. You shouldn’t email anyone until and unless you have the permission to mail them. This permission could be obtained through various channels, such as, getting an approval to receive mails by a square-button-tick at the end of a registration form in your company website. It depends on the user if he/she opts in or out of the service. There are numerous tools available over the internet that could help you build such opt-in forms. However, once you get the permission, you are eligible to make the user a part of your list. Extending the contact-base Even though opt-in forms are the first option that company’s use to build a contact-base, it is not that successful as not many people might end up opting the favourable. What do we do then? We use a compelling offer. Lead MagnetAn offer, that doesn’t cost you anything neither the recipient, like as a legal bribe in exchange for an email address. Lead magnets could be anything ranging from a eBooks, PDFs, MP3 files, free trials, coupons, quizzes, etc, basically anything you want as long as it provides value to your visitors for free. A good magnet should be easily consumable, should be something useful or improving for the visitor and must be immediately available. If you serve a 300 page manifesto to the audience, obviously it won’t make you gain traction. A good Opt-in FormThe basic motive behind your Opt-in form is to make your lead magnet appear beneficial, so that your visitors subscribe to whatever you offer. The foremost step to build an effective Opt-in form is to give it an enticing headline and make sure it clearly describes the big benefit of your lead magnet. Then, add a brief description so that the user can get the clear idea even by skimming through it. Filling a form is like a conversation, hence try and make it attractive with graphics or a mock-up of the lead magnet. For example, a photo of a person pointing towards the opt-in form is one of the best ways to boost the interaction. Once you are done with the form, you need to find a suitable place to fix it. Figuring out a suitable place is necessary so that the user finds it easier to access. (Some of the highest converting places to put your optin form here) Noticeably, exit-popups have worked the best for making users subscribe to your website. These pop-ups show up exactly at the time when the user is about to leave your website. They mostly convert because when the user leaves your website, they mostly have read your content and might find it useful, hence, could end up subscribing to it. Moreover, they don’t hinder the reading experience as they are only triggered when the user is leaving. Personalisation Many would tell you to build a huge email list and get on with it. But our digital marketing solutions state otherwise. What we provide you with is a proper segmentation of your email list that offers effective marketing. Take a look how. What is Email Segmentation? What if you tell a person about offers related to water dispensers when they are looking for air conditioners? It is totally not useful information for them, isn’t it! Similarly, rather than broadcasting an email to an entire list of emails, send it to those who might really make use of the information provided. Break down your subscribers into relevant groups based on specific criteria so that the emails that you send to them could be further personalised and contain relevant content. What happens when you perform Segmentation? First of all, relevant content attracts most. Hence, segmentation increases open rates, click rates, decreases your unsubscribe rates. That is why it is a smart move to market whilst employing segmentation to drastically improve your effective rates.  Segmentation also helps you organise the actions being taken by your subscribers. Did they fill a certain opt-in? Did they purchase a product? Visited a specific page? Downloaded a specific item?  Also, Segments make it so much easier to know what subject lines and messages to write that will entice the users to open and engage with your email campaigns. Increasing your Open Rates Here is the most important part : How to make the user open the email and engage with it! It is why you put all your hard work. There are several factors influencing this. Let’s have a look at them one by one. Avoiding Spam FiltersThe first thing you don’t want happening with your email is that it ends up in